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JessicaakaSatine: hi yas
lukaknezevic: Greetings everybody.
CrazyMRFan: Hello! No one's here!
: Hello
: where's everybody at.. lol
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EwansDestyne: Hey
JessicaakaSatine: dess!
CrazyMRFan: Hey jen! She doesn't go to the board, but she's a big MR fan too!
: hi des!
: yes I am
: lol
: not too many people in here, that's probably good
lukaknezevic: Yes.
CrazyMRFan: hmmm.. i guess so
: i've decidd to start treating myself better
JessicaakaSatine: decided even
CrazyMRFan: ???
: i started on a new diet... and it seems to be working
lukaknezevic: Really???
CrazyMRFan: oh! ok i getcha now
: and yesterday i bought $100 Ralph Lauren bedsheets.. for only $27 :-)
: and they're so comfy too
JessicaakaSatine: 200 thread count
lukaknezevic: That's a good news!
Jenn97513: are they teeshirt sheets?
: nah
JessicaakaSatine: just reg sheets they got like these little paisley patterns on them
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EwansDestyne: What kind of diet are you on, Jessica?
EwansDestyne: hey, welcome bohemianchick
JessicaakaSatine: i used to have t shirt sheets, but then as some of you remember, my dad took my bed away (a twin), and gave me a queen sized, so i had to get new sheets
CrazyMRFan: hey guys, i'll brb
: cool jess
: I didn't know if that would work since I've never invited anyone before
JessicaakaSatine: I'm on Slim Fast. I did it when I was in Jr high, but I couldn't stick with it.
Bohemianchick2: Thanks for inviting me. So good to finally chat with y'all!
lukaknezevic: Greetings.
EwansDestyne: I did that a while back, slim fast. I lost about 15 pounds in one month
JessicaakaSatine: bc are you the bc on the board?
JessicaakaSatine: awesome
EwansDestyne: Then gained it all back the next
JessicaakaSatine: lol
Bohemianchick2: I sure am.
JessicaakaSatine: yay i'm adding you to my buddy list
Bohemianchick2: There can never be enough Jessicas in the world.
JessicaakaSatine: i lost about 15 lbs last summer just working out at the YMCA, but I couldn't keep the aggressive schedule.. and I gained about 5 back.. but now I've lost it again
CrazyMRFan: Cool! another person! hey bohochick!
: Yea, I noticed we have 2 Jessica's.
JessicaakaSatine: yay
CrazyMRFan: we do?
: Really?
JessicaakaSatine: me.. and bc
CrazyMRFan: oh ok! i didn't know that was her name
: It gets kinda confusing, sorry....
CrazyMRFan: only one Krystina tho! he he he :-D
Bohemianchick2: You could just call me Jess and her Jessica?
CrazyMRFan: Oh it's all good...
: i'll find another krys, and then you'll be beaten yet again!
CrazyMRFan: haha grrrr! LOL
: ya'll are crazy
: haha especially me
: I don't know, I am pretty wacky!
JessicaakaSatine: yeah
: wooo hooo!
JessicaakaSatine: happy bday nic!
lukaknezevic: Happy birthday dear courtesan.
CrazyMRFan: haha
: Go Nicole, 35 and still kicking!
CrazyMRFan: I know, she does NOT look 35!
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CrazyMRFan: hey, where'd des go?
: Who knows.
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Jenn97513: I hope I look like her @ 35!
: maybe her puter went stupid
CrazyMRFan: haha o there she is lol
: I'm back
CrazyMRFan: yeah me 2 jenn!
: Welcome again.
EwansDestyne: THanks
JessicaakaSatine: i haven't a chance to even look like what she'll look like at 80
Bohemianchick2: I wish I looked like her when I was 20
EwansDestyne: Computer was all wiggie
JessicaakaSatine: well for one thing, spark says i'll die before then lol
CrazyMRFan: spark?
: spark?
JessicaakaSatine: yeah where I got the death test at
lukaknezevic: ????
Bohemianchick2:'s a bunch o' crap, don't believe it.
JessicaakaSatine: i put it on the board in the members section.
CrazyMRFan: oh... uh..... intresting
: oh ok i didn't read that
: Hehee, I took a lot of those tests, Jessica
EwansDestyne: The sex one is pretty funny
lukaknezevic: I belive that!
lukaknezevic: lol
CrazyMRFan: haha i'm listening to sparkling diamonds
: I think it said I have til I am 77 and dammit, I'm gonna make it to 100.
JessicaakaSatine: i've got the telly on in the other room, they're talking about darryl kyle
CrazyMRFan: right on
: Who's that?
Bohemianchick2: That is so sad, he was only 33.
lukaknezevic: WHO?
Jenn97513: huh?
: ditto that des and luka
: and jenn lol
: The pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals
Jenn97513: o.
: Oh, yea. we got a Cardinal fan here
Bohemianchick2: They found him dead in his hotel room this morning.
Bohemianchick2: I think, heart attack?
Jenn97513: aww...
: Oh my god... that
: I'm a Cubs fan, or was until all the cute players left.
CrazyMRFan: s
: such a sin
: (sorry about that choppiness, everyone)
: that kinda sucks.
Jenn97513: brb
: ok
: But, hey, this is supposed to be a happy chat, right?
lukaknezevic: YEP!
CrazyMRFan: yeah! happy birthday chat!
: what?
EwansDestyne: Hehehe.
Bohemianchick2: I am confused.... since I am new, what are all of your names on the Moulin Rouge board?
CrazyMRFan: oops, A happy b-day chat
: I'm Destyne
lukaknezevic: I'm Luka.
CrazyMRFan: The Sparkling Diamond
: My real name's Krystina
: ok, I'm back!
: i'm from st. louis, they're doing the autopsy tommorow
CrazyMRFan: hey!!
: I'm jessica (bubblebobblegirl) lol
Bohemianchick2: Thank you, that helps a lot
Jenn97513: I'm Jenn
: Haha i bet
: It
CrazyMRFan: Do you ever go to the board Luka?
: gets confusing
lukaknezevic: Yes. mrfanatic luka
EwansDestyne: not knowing who anyone is
EwansDestyne: hehehe
lukaknezevic: You'll get used to it
CrazyMRFan: oh ok... i didn't know if u went that often... or at all LOL
: I have posted only two msgs
CrazyMRFan: haha that's why
: Yes.
EwansDestyne: Picture of Nic Just ignore the doofus standing next to her
CrazyMRFan: let's get a song on the go!!
: i follow the night
: can't stand the light
Jenn97513: can't stand the light
: When will I begin?
CrazyMRFan: haha funny des!
: to live again......
Jenn97513: to live again
: one day
: i'll fly
: away
: leave
: Leave all this
lukaknezevic: Leave all this to yesterday
CrazyMRFan: what more could your love do for me?
: when will love be...
CrazyMRFan: thru with me
: Why live life
Jenn97513: from dream
: from dream to dream
CrazyMRFan: to dream
: and dread the day
: So where is evryone? Isn't David supposed to be here?
Bohemianchick2: when dreaming ends.....
CrazyMRFan: yeah i thought so
: One day I'll fly away....
: Leave all this to yesterday!
lukaknezevic: why live life....
CrazyMRFan: from dream to dream!
: ?
: and dread the day
: when dreaming ends
: and dread the day when dreaming ends
CrazyMRFan: One day I'll fly away....
: fly
: fly
: away
CrazyMRFan: away
: away
: yay!!!
: haha
: lol
: We were terrible! LOL!
EwansDestyne: Hey Jenn, who are you?
Bohemianchick2: That was fun, but gosh are we ever dorky? Sorry!
EwansDestyne: From the board I mean
lukaknezevic: She is Jenn
lukaknezevic: oh that.
CrazyMRFan: she's someone who i got in touch with thru my site
: i invited her
: yeah...what she said
: Okay, groovu
EwansDestyne: y
CrazyMRFan: she doesn't go to the board
: I mean
EwansDestyne: Well, we can change that!! MUAHHAAA
CrazyMRFan: hahaha that sounds evil
: who doesn't go to the board?
CrazyMRFan: jenn
: I don't
: i need an explanation Jenn.. why not?
Bohemianchick2: I'm Jess(ica)
JessicaakaSatine: >:o
Jenn97513: I don't know
: go to the board!it's an order!
Jenn97513: I guess I'll start
: :-D you should visit it
CrazyMRFan: I don't think she knew about it...?
: maybe
Jenn97513: I didn't
: jenn i'm adding you to my buddy list
CrazyMRFan: ooo i'm smart
: ok
: lol
: So may I ask where everyone is from?
Jenn97513: Arkansas
: and luka too cause i forgot last time
JessicaakaSatine: yay Arkansas
JessicaakaSatine: I'm from MO
EwansDestyne: Give Nic a birthday kiss. I love this picture
lukaknezevic: Croatia (fucken country)
CrazyMRFan: NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA!!!!!! Yeah! Newfies all the way!
: I have a friend in MO
: Wow, that is so cool.... I am in Beverly Hills, CA.
JessicaakaSatine: now you've got 2
CrazyMRFan: cute des
: hehehe, thanks
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CrazyMRFan: did u guys all see the invitation after?
: yayyy
Jenn97513: no
: no.
lukaknezevic: i mean, yes.
Bohemianchick2: Yes, it was very pretty, I liked the birthday hat on Nicole.
JessicaakaSatine: what's the url to that link des, my popup stopper won't let me open it
EwansDestyne: wow, Jess, Beverly Hills. That's pretty cool
CrazyMRFan: here's the link: You're invited...
JessicaakaSatine: yes it made me laugh!
CrazyMRFan: haha thanks jess... or jessica... bohochick!
: damn you popup stopper! dammmmmnnn yooooooouuuuuuuuuu!
EwansDestyne: =0400
Bohemianchick2: It's actually very weird, I just moved here from New Jersey, a bit of culture shock!
EwansDestyne: Can't you disable the pop-up stopper?
JessicaakaSatine: yeah but i'm lazy and it's finally working
JessicaakaSatine: yay i've seen that, pic it's so lovely
CrazyMRFan: ah crap, it's http://thesparklingdiamond.hom
JessicaakaSatine: i haven't been to nko since.. we'll since they got back online a bit ago.
Bohemianchick2: But I love the fact that Ewan is around here somewhere.....heavy sigh!!
EwansDestyne: I'm not there that much anymore either
CrazyMRFan: thanks
: Hehehe, I bet, Jess. If I lived anywhere near him I'd quit my job and become a stalker.
Jenn97513: me too
: moi aussi
: track him down jess
JessicaakaSatine: you can do it!
Bohemianchick2: I got to see him at the Tonight Show, he was beautiful!!!
JessicaakaSatine: we have faith in you
JessicaakaSatine: *burns with jealousy* lol
CrazyMRFan: NO FAIR!!!
: Really.. ***JEALOUSY***
CrazyMRFan: =-O
Bohemianchick2: And I am almost positive I saw him last night.....
JessicaakaSatine: he was dead sexy at that taping
JessicaakaSatine: you shoulda been like "EWAN!"
CrazyMRFan: (again) NO FAIR!!!!!
: Where did you see him?
Bohemianchick2: He was in an old Porshce with his glasses on and talking on a cell phone...... I think?
CrazyMRFan: i'm gonna cry
: You should have followed him
: I was driving home from work and was at a stop light next to him.....
lukaknezevic: Damn ya!
EwansDestyne: Okay, this is for Jenn From Kate
CrazyMRFan: AAHHHHHH!!!! I would have screamed or cried or something!
: des did you read what dave posted to you on the board?
EwansDestyne: Yes, I love dave.
Bohemianchick2: I was pretty ecstatic!!
JessicaakaSatine: "Awwww! Bless 'im! What a lovely man! You dont get many like that! U hold on to him! Hold in with all uve got des! Neva let him go! NEVA! Dont take any risks! HOLD ON I TELL U, HOLD ON!" lol
JessicaakaSatine: he he
CrazyMRFan: hahahahah
: great about the puter too :-)
EwansDestyne: He's pretty cute
EwansDestyne: Thanks
CrazyMRFan: wait, what did dave say>
: ?
: What Jessica just typed
EwansDestyne: that big long thing
diamondinthepink: Sorry, I'm busy trying to reduce the size of my web page;-) I'm going to get my own site and need to trim everything down to 20M;-)
JessicaakaSatine: =-ONKO cloned Nicole!
CrazyMRFan: oh ok thanks
: Wow, that's pretty weird.
JessicaakaSatine: lol
JessicaakaSatine: the floor isn't quite right, but it's funny
EwansDestyne: I'm seeing double. AHHAHAHA!!
lukaknezevic: Hey! I'd like to have one of these Nic's!
JessicaakaSatine: i thought before i clicked on the thumbnail that somebody dressed just like nicole.. lol
CrazyMRFan: GAHHH!!! that's a little scary!
: haha
: maybe you could clone her too lol
CrazyMRFan: i'd like to clone ewan...
: or have a huge cardboard made of her
lukaknezevic: I would like to try! haha!
JessicaakaSatine: i'm going to get a huge cardboard ewan if it kills me
Bohemianchick2: Let me know where to get one
CrazyMRFan: Man, can u imagine that tho? Then all of us girls could have a real life Ewan of our own!! YAY!!!
: hehehe, put it in your bed Jessica
JessicaakaSatine: lol
JessicaakaSatine: i think i will
CrazyMRFan: haha
: it would be like one of those huge barbie dolls
: on my Ralph Lauren sheets
JessicaakaSatine: yeah!
Bohemianchick2: Or how about a blow up Ewan doll?
JessicaakaSatine: jess!! i was just thinking of that
CrazyMRFan: haha @ jess
: somebody has to make one!
Bohemianchick2: Screw the cardboard!
EwansDestyne: Oh, the dirty thoughts. A BLOW up Ewan!!
JessicaakaSatine: lol
EwansDestyne: Sorry guys.
Bohemianchick2: I didn't mean.....screw, well, you know!
JessicaakaSatine: don't screw the cardboard, screw the blow up doll
Jenn97513: haha
: hahahahahahahahaha @ des! good one
: lol! Hey I'm going to go offline I'm really going to have to knuckle down and work, see ya round:-)
lukaknezevic: Bye!
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CrazyMRFan: ok later!
: Kate just came on
Jenn97513: bye
: Hi Kate
CrazyMRFan: KATE!!! HEY!!!
: See ya.
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UltraWoman2nd: elllo
lukaknezevic: Hey kate!
CrazyMRFan: yay! more peeps!
: but off course I shall leave with images of blow up ewan dolls...;-)
UltraWoman2nd: bye whoever is going
CrazyMRFan: haha
: kate you almost missed the blow up ewan doll convo
CrazyMRFan: hahahahahaha
: bye:-) *giggle*
lukaknezevic: haha!
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CrazyMRFan: lovely convo topic
: o yes
: honey, I don't need no conversation, I own a Ewan BUD
JessicaakaSatine: can't get any better than this
JessicaakaSatine: and where did you get it it?
UltraWoman2nd: ;-)
UltraWoman2nd: jj/k
lukaknezevic: haha!
UltraWoman2nd: you want one don't you ;-)
JessicaakaSatine: man now i've got a reason go to go "VIP: very intimate playthings"
JessicaakaSatine: i need a very intimate ewan
UltraWoman2nd: ...nah, I actually have the real deal stashed under my bed
CrazyMRFan: me 2
: Don't we all? Except for Eve!
JessicaakaSatine: lol
UltraWoman2nd: if Ewans a good boy I let him out
CrazyMRFan: haha @ jess
: haha
: we should clone EWAN
Jenn97513: AMEN
: ...BTW
CrazyMRFan: that's what i said!
: Nothing would make me happier!
lukaknezevic: I would like to "clone" nic!
JessicaakaSatine: that would be a nice little group project
JessicaakaSatine: yes happy bday lady!
Bohemianchick2: Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Nicole!
CrazyMRFan: oh i just got that luka!
: haha
: attack of the clones
Jenn97513: Happy b-day Nic
: Hehehe, it was funny enough to repeat for Kate's sake. JessicaakaSatine: i'm going to get a huge cardboard ewan if it kills meBohemianchick2: Let me know where to get one
UltraWoman2nd: Jess can u send me the url to your 'other' site
UltraWoman2nd: I cant really be bothered going through the post at the MB lookin for it
JessicaakaSatine: would you mean my homepage?
UltraWoman2nd: I guess so
CrazyMRFan: uh....yeah.
JessicaakaSatine: oh here's cloned nic: 393
UltraWoman2nd: Thanks my sweet
CrazyMRFan: Hey dudes and dudettes, I got some trivia q's.... u wanna start?
: i am going to update my bio.. but it's got my new years thing on it for now
JessicaakaSatine: yeah lets
EwansDestyne: Okay, it's not letting me do the rest. Guess Kate will have to read it later.
Bohemianchick2: Sure
UltraWoman2nd: YAY I got MC mail!!
JessicaakaSatine: woo hoo
UltraWoman2nd: that's okay, I read the transcript RA
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CrazyMRFan: Ok, onto the first round: Bright and Bubbly
: hey!
JessicaakaSatine: ya ya!
EwansDestyne: MC is in Hawii and she is e-mailing you. Now that's devotion. She must love us
UltraWoman2nd: ...she did the cutest thing and has sent me an e-card for each day she is gone :-)
CrazyMRFan: hello
: uh.
lukaknezevic: haha!
JessicaakaSatine: mc rocks
CrazyMRFan: ok guys realt??
: ready, i mean>
: ?
: yes
: i wish she'd email me :'(
lukaknezevic: Yes
JessicaakaSatine: yes!
Bohemianchick2: yes
UltraWoman2nd: LOL
UltraWoman2nd: and uh, kinda
UltraWoman2nd: even though I have no chance in hell
lukaknezevic: hit me
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moobystrikesback: i don't know you
CrazyMRFan: 1) What excuse does Satine give when she first faints in the movie?
: hmmm
Bohemianchick2: tight costumes
EwansDestyne: These silly costumes
JessicaakaSatine: oh these silly costumes
Jenn97513: what they said
: EwansDestyne: These silly costumes
moobystrikesback: freaky ass moulin rouge fans
EwansDestyne: YAY!!!
JessicaakaSatine: woo hoo!
EwansDestyne: hehehe, mooby
CrazyMRFan: haha congrats!
: this is nicole kidman's bday party
moobystrikesback: call me bank.i am used to it
Bohemianchick2: Oh, you want specifics! :-)
moobystrikesback: what you're doing is against the law
CrazyMRFan: yeah, we do, sorry
: lol
: next question please?
CrazyMRFan: ok ready for the next one? i know luka is... lol
: 2)why are there so many colors in this movie?
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CrazyMRFan: WTF>>>
: ??
: yes
moobystrikesback: 'yes' is the correct answer
UltraWoman2nd: Demon spawn from hell!
CrazyMRFan: holy god am i confused
: who?nicole kidman?
JessicaakaSatine: mooby isn't that bad kate ;-)
Jenn97513: you lost me
: me 2
: bank
JessicaakaSatine: NEXT QUESTION!
Bohemianchick2: Huh?
UltraWoman2nd: AIM
CrazyMRFan: ok, i'm just gonna get the new question up:
: ready?
: yes
: yep
JessicaakaSatine: yes
Bohemianchick2: yes
moobystrikesback: how many times have you guys seen moulin rouge?
UltraWoman2nd: yah
lukaknezevic: SHUT UP!
JessicaakaSatine: more than once
Bohemianchick2: too many to count
UltraWoman2nd: 666
Jenn97513: too many to count
: *keep in mind these are the easy ones*
: 999999999999999999999999999
CrazyMRFan: 2) What occupation does Satine dream of one day having?
: ...I dunno
Jenn97513: actress
: actress
Bohemianchick2: a real actress
UltraWoman2nd: actress
JessicaakaSatine: being a bird
moobystrikesback: whore.she wants to be a whore
UltraWoman2nd: bugga
CrazyMRFan: Jenn97513: actress
: she want's to fly away
EwansDestyne: Holy Baz, Jessica, I didn't know you had another site. Where have I been? I like it.
UltraWoman2nd: LOL
lukaknezevic: haha!
CrazyMRFan: yaya jen!
: it's my homepage
CrazyMRFan: *yay
: ..I'm stealing pics of you for my evil bidding
JessicaakaSatine: i don't really broadcast it, i posted it once on the board, and then on the site, if you click the "about" thing and click on my name, you can see all my sites
CrazyMRFan: Ready for the next one...?
: ye
: si
lukaknezevic: yes
moobystrikesback: yes
JessicaakaSatine: read the bio, i'm kinda proud of it
JessicaakaSatine: yes
lukaknezevic: oui
Jenn97513: yes*
: 5
: 4
: 3
: 2
: 1
: 3) Nicole broke what body part twice while filming?
: they're talking about BS right now on tv
JessicaakaSatine: rib!
UltraWoman2nd: rib
Bohemianchick2: rib
JessicaakaSatine: woo hoo!
Jenn97513: rib
: lol
moobystrikesback: rib.christ,i knew that
CrazyMRFan: JessicaakaSatine: rib!
JessicaakaSatine: BS=britney spears
moobystrikesback: britney spears,bullshit,it's one in the same
JessicaakaSatine: she's too controversial to let your children watch, according to PBS
CrazyMRFan: haha i though it was bull sh*t
: next please......
Bohemianchick2: I thought BS was bull shit? Excuse the swear word!
UltraWoman2nd: My fragile eyes!
JessicaakaSatine: i got a question right!
JessicaakaSatine: wooo hooo
CrazyMRFan: ok luka wants another q... everyone else ready?
: you people are freaks!
JessicaakaSatine: ready
Jenn97513: yes
: no...wait...yes ;-)
Bohemianchick2: yes
lukaknezevic: ready and waiting
CrazyMRFan: haha ok hang on...
: and willing
CrazyMRFan: 5
: 4
: 3
: 2
: 1
: Finish this line: "I don't need you anymore! All my life you've made me believe I was only worth what someone would..."
: go!
UltraWoman2nd: pay for me
Bohemianchick2: would pay for me
JessicaakaSatine: yeah
moobystrikesback: go for a ride on my magic bus
JessicaakaSatine: what kate said
CrazyMRFan: UltraWoman2nd: pay for me
CrazyMRFan: yeah kate!
: mini dance in celebration for me
JessicaakaSatine: i had to think for a sec, when ever there's a reading quiz i skip to the end and get it wrong
moobystrikesback: you guys are sick individuals
Bohemianchick2: Go Kate, go Kate!!
UltraWoman2nd: and I just woke up so my mind is doing well ;-)
lukaknezevic: holy shit!i am too slow!
JessicaakaSatine: can't read the whole thing through
CrazyMRFan: haha ok ok, i'll get another one on the go...
: ready!
JessicaakaSatine: do the one that i know the answer to krys
JessicaakaSatine: ;-)
CrazyMRFan: haha umm... no.
: Who are you mooby? Where did you come from?
CrazyMRFan: lol
: Where is Ses?
JessicaakaSatine: i invited him
moobystrikesback: i am mooby,i guess
CrazyMRFan: probably his/her mother
: lol sorry
: Hehehe
JessicaakaSatine: he was at the MR chat for a little while last time
EwansDestyne: Okay, so he's not on the board?
JessicaakaSatine: nah
moobystrikesback: however,moulin rouge was a good movie
CrazyMRFan: ready guys and gals?
: Ses, where is shhheeeee?
JessicaakaSatine: i don't know who invited him to the mr bday chat though
Jenn97513: yes
: good, try to keep a little confusion out of my life as possible
lukaknezevic: ready!
Bohemianchick2: yes
UltraWoman2nd: BAH!
JessicaakaSatine: ready
moobystrikesback: baz sucks
CrazyMRFan: ses? do u mean serena?
: *gasp*
JessicaakaSatine: baz does NOT suck
UltraWoman2nd: Yeesssss ::: me wails ::: Ses!
moobystrikesback: romeo and juliet blows
JessicaakaSatine: clerks blows
UltraWoman2nd: yes, blows me away too dear
Bohemianchick2: blows who?
CrazyMRFan: ok..... anyhoo, here;s the next question:
: 5
: 4
: 3
: {}<-----are they boxes?
CrazyMRFan: 3
: 1
: :-P
CrazyMRFan: 2
: 1
: well
EwansDestyne: we have to quit talking about blowing, my mind is so corrupted!
moobystrikesback: are they?
Bohemianchick2: I'm confused!
JessicaakaSatine: where's the Q
Jenn97513: blow up Ewan!
: {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}are they boxes?!
UltraWoman2nd: ...>>>>>
lukaknezevic: Q?
JessicaakaSatine: yes blow up ewan indeed
JessicaakaSatine: where is the Q
UltraWoman2nd: blow, ewan
UltraWoman2nd: STOP IT
Bohemianchick2: Blow up Ewan!!!!!
moobystrikesback: christ,please answer
CrazyMRFan: sorry about that guys... it said i sent too many messages at one time. ok HERE'S THE Q:
: 5) According to Satine, what are diamonds?
: thoughts evíl thouhts
EwansDestyne: NO, NO BOXES!!
moobystrikesback: rocks
JessicaakaSatine: a girls best friend
UltraWoman2nd: best friend
lukaknezevic: girl's best friends
moobystrikesback: that too
Bohemianchick2: ara a girls best friend
Jenn97513: a girls best friend
: a girls
CrazyMRFan: JessicaakaSatine: a girls best friend
JessicaakaSatine: wooo hooo!
UltraWoman2nd: OOOh, Ohhh, I just got more Fan Art!
Bohemianchick2: Go Jessica, I can't think that fast!
UltraWoman2nd: And its of Chris!
JessicaakaSatine: woo hooo!
CrazyMRFan: haha yahhooo!
: next q?
UltraWoman2nd: I can't believe how many ppl have responded to my want of fan art in such a short time
JessicaakaSatine: i've only gotten stories from 2 people on my site, but it doesn't matter cause i'm going at them really slow, and serna sent me a ton
EwansDestyne: k guys, gotta pee. BRB
JessicaakaSatine: serena
JessicaakaSatine: good luck des lol
UltraWoman2nd: Thnanks for sharing Des
CrazyMRFan: ding ding! that concludes round 1 of the Nicole Kidman Birthday Chat Trivia game! stay tunes for round 2: smouldering temptress!
: bye
moobystrikesback: freaks
CrazyMRFan: *tuned
has left the room.
JessicaakaSatine: i guess mooby doesn't want me to read his script
JessicaakaSatine: bastard
CrazyMRFan: who the hell invited mooby?
: i did.. sorry
Jenn97513: I'm confused
: I don't remember him from the MR chat
JessicaakaSatine: i wouldn't have if he hadn't been in the MR bday chat
UltraWoman2nd: Freak = compliment to me :-)
CrazyMRFan: it's ok... is he a friend or something?
: i don't know who invited him there
JessicaakaSatine: no not really
JessicaakaSatine: we chatted like once.
UltraWoman2nd: take him of "THE LIST"
CrazyMRFan: oh ok...
: yeah done deal
CrazyMRFan: haha @ kate
: And put him on the black list!
CrazyMRFan: short commercial break... i'm getting the next set of q's
: that sounds a little too Soprano's Kate
JessicaakaSatine: yeah
JessicaakaSatine: no soup for him
UltraWoman2nd: ;-)
Bohemianchick2: There's soup?
EwansDestyne: LOL jessica
Bohemianchick2: jk
EwansDestyne: Well, I put an invite up at NKO and nobody wants to come! :-(
JessicaakaSatine: AD need a little boho in your life? vist spectacular! spectacular! for all your boho needs.
UltraWoman2nd: Biatches!
CrazyMRFan: haha WTF???
: Oh well.
JessicaakaSatine: she said commerical break
UltraWoman2nd: Hey, that sounds like my RENT-a-BOHO idea ;-)
JessicaakaSatine: so has serena posted part 2 of Jessica's story yet?
UltraWoman2nd: yah
UltraWoman2nd: haven't read it cos of uni though :-(
CrazyMRFan: AD: Need a little sparkle in your day? Visit The Sparkling Diamond!
UltraWoman2nd: I'm so screwed
JessicaakaSatine: goody that means I'll get to post part one of Serena's story soon! too bad I haven't done part 2 yet!
Jenn97513: I have no idea what ya'l are talking about
: Okay, I'll give in to the pressure. AD......Never Let Go Til My Dying Day We all need a little drama in our lives.....
JessicaakaSatine: that is why you must visit the board
CrazyMRFan: Haha i confused........
: shut ur hole wang chung! hahah
: i'm such a geek
: what about the questions?
: ...I'm sleepy, and have to go to a Christening soon :-(
EwansDestyne: My hubby just brough a new TV home.
UltraWoman2nd: I mean imagine me in a church!
UltraWoman2nd: who'd a thunk it!
JessicaakaSatine: AD: Can't get enough of those crazy diamond dogs? Visit SPECTACULAR SPECTACULAR'S EZBOARD and get your daily dose of diamondogamins.
lukaknezevic: Next question please?
CrazyMRFan: ok i got em. u guys ready for round 2: smouldering temptress???
UltraWoman2nd: yyah
JessicaakaSatine: yes
Bohemianchick2: Is that legal, Kate? You in a church? What if you turn to ashes?
Jenn97513: yes
: yes
CrazyMRFan: ok here goes:
JessicaakaSatine: ya ya!
CrazyMRFan: 5
: 4
: 3
: 2
: 1
: 1) What colour was Satine's dress when she met Christian for the first time?
: pink
lukaknezevic: Black
Bohemianchick2: pink
CrazyMRFan: UltraWoman2nd: pink
JessicaakaSatine: it wasn't really a dress
Jenn97513: pink
: ;-)
UltraWoman2nd: ta daa
JessicaakaSatine: technically
UltraWoman2nd: hey shut it Jessica!
CrazyMRFan: (pink diamonds)
: lol
JessicaakaSatine: pink dimants
CrazyMRFan: ready for another>
: ?
: yes
UltraWoman2nd: mm hmm
Jenn97513: yup
: yes
JessicaakaSatine: it's about din din time
CrazyMRFan: 5
: 4
: 3
: 2
: it's about sleep sleep time
CrazyMRFan: 1
: 2) What type animal was Satine's pet?
: bird
JessicaakaSatine: bird
Bohemianchick2: bird
Jenn97513: burd
: bird
UltraWoman2nd: BAH
JessicaakaSatine: dammit
Jenn97513: bird*
: he heh
CrazyMRFan: UltraWoman2nd: bird
JessicaakaSatine: i was so close
CrazyMRFan: kate's on a roll!
: snap snap
Jenn97513: I can't type!
: quick draw Katie
Bohemianchick2: there's rolls?
JessicaakaSatine: kate on a roll.. hmmm
JessicaakaSatine: din din!
CrazyMRFan: haha l ove u guys
: haha
: *love
: lol
: don't go Jessica
JessicaakaSatine: stupid diet, it's not on the plan
JessicaakaSatine: i'm not leavin.. the fridge is like an inch away from the puter
: ...Ugh, I need to do the whole diet thing
UltraWoman2nd: But I'm waiting til holidays
Jenn97513: I want to gain wait.
: It's been a pleasure chatting with you all, but I really must go to work now, hopefully there will be more famous people there and maybe another Ewanspotting?
JessicaakaSatine: i just have to pop a veggie burgar in the micro and grab some non fat cheese from the damn fridge downstairs..
Jenn97513: weight*
: Ta taa
CrazyMRFan: bye jess!
: fun
JessicaakaSatine: jenn don't make me hate you so early in our friendship
JessicaakaSatine: lol
UltraWoman2nd: lol
Jenn97513: sorry
: You guys are fun, thanks!!
UltraWoman2nd: I KNOW
JessicaakaSatine: :-*
JessicaakaSatine: bye jess!
CrazyMRFan: cya! xoxo
: bye
: the heck! it's 02 : 10 am here!
JessicaakaSatine: ciao bella
CrazyMRFan: ok guys, another q?
: ok
: hit me
CrazyMRFan: 5
: 4
: 3
: 2
: 1
: hey, Jane Horrock said something to do with
UltraWoman2nd: ugh
CrazyMRFan: 3) Which part of the Moulin Rouge does Satine live in?
: Elephant
: unknown
lukaknezevic: the eleohant
Bohemianchick2 has left the room.
EwansDestyne: A dressing room
CrazyMRFan: Jenn97513: Elephant
: her dressing room
Jenn97513: yes!
: She didn't live in the elephant did she
JessicaakaSatine: satine really hasn't lived untill she made whoopie in christian's garrett
EwansDestyne: Where did you find that info?
JessicaakaSatine: ;-)
JessicaakaSatine: i don't know but i think she lived in her "beautiful new dressing room"
UltraWoman2nd: lol
lukaknezevic: Where krys?
JessicaakaSatine: i know historically nobody lived in the elephant
CrazyMRFan: well that was where her room was
: right here luka!
: it wasn't really HER room
JessicaakaSatine: there was an opium din
UltraWoman2nd: yay
JessicaakaSatine: yeah she never had a room of her own..
JessicaakaSatine: pre-feminist bastards
UltraWoman2nd: lol
CrazyMRFan: ok next q:
: k
: 5
: 4
: 3
: 2
: 1
: my wrist hurts
CrazyMRFan: 4) Name one of the two songs sung by Satine alone in the movie:
: poor baby
: don't do another q yet. i wasn't ready
Jenn97513: One day I'll fly away
CrazyMRFan: Jenn97513: One day I'll fly away
: bugger, damn stuffing up AOL I HAD THAT
CrazyMRFan: was that a song in it luka? lol
: gorecki and one dya i'll fly away
UltraWoman2nd: oh Jessica!
CrazyMRFan: one was good enuff jess
: That's my song after each question!
CrazyMRFan: haha sorry!
: ok next 1
: 5
: 4
: 3
: 2
: 1
: 5) What is the another name for The Consumption?
: TB
lukaknezevic: tbc
UltraWoman2nd: tuberculosis
UltraWoman2nd: (sp?)
CrazyMRFan: UltraWoman2nd: TB lukaknezevic: tbc 1/2 point for both of ya
UltraWoman2nd: hee hee
JessicaakaSatine: i done told you to wait a minute
lukaknezevic: next
UltraWoman2nd: we dun care
CrazyMRFan: ok, another>
: ?
: i though perhaps the last q was about 2 songs
Jenn97513: isn't TB highly contagus (I can't spell..sorry)
: and then i had to get my food together.
JessicaakaSatine: yeah
lukaknezevic: Question?
EwansDestyne has left the room.
CrazyMRFan: oh crap, guys... i g2g for a bit!! i'll get the q's after... or if someone else wants to ask them...?
has entered the room.
UltraWoman2nd: I may be gone bye then
JessicaakaSatine: well since i'm leaving you can send them to me
EwansDestyne: Hey, guys, I'm backkkkk
UltraWoman2nd: Later Crazy
JessicaakaSatine: loosing i mean
EwansDestyne: hehehe
JessicaakaSatine: i'm not leaving
UltraWoman2nd: shees baaaack
CrazyMRFan: ok that confused me! lol ok i'll send them to u in a IM, hang on
: (jess i mean)
: besides now i can be in complete control
JessicaakaSatine: muah ah ah ah
EwansDestyne: Okay, look at this picture of the real MR today ?i=312649O
CrazyMRFan: got it jess?
: Ohhh, I found the cutest Ew pic last night
Jenn97513: I get to go to Paris in July...I'm gonna take SO many pics os the MR
: yeah
Jenn97513: of*
: me too!
lukaknezevic: In november.
UltraWoman2nd: ::: to the hand! :::
EwansDestyne: Ohh, I'm jealous
EwansDestyne: I want to go to paris
CrazyMRFan: cya later kids... i'll be back after pizza.... BYE! XOXO
: k-bye
: everything you've ever wanted to know about consumption but were afraid to ask.
UltraWoman2nd: ewwww
CrazyMRFan has left the room.
JessicaakaSatine: you get pizza while i have to eat garden burgers?
JessicaakaSatine: no fair
EwansDestyne: Yummy, garden burgers
UltraWoman2nd: lol
JessicaakaSatine: i over cooked it though.. it's actually a soy burger
JessicaakaSatine: the edges are all.. funky
UltraWoman2nd: OH Jessica, why must you make me freak out all the newbies?
Jenn97513: what about turkey burgers? they are healthier...and taste the same as normal burgers
: surely you could do it once and a while
EwansDestyne: hmm, very interesting, Jessica
JessicaakaSatine: i didn't do anything kate.. you always blame me for everything lol
UltraWoman2nd: didn't refer them to "The Post Protool"
UltraWoman2nd: *protocol
EwansDestyne: My husband just said "Turkey burgers taste like butt."
JessicaakaSatine: oh yeah.. well that's your post so I wanted to let you do it :-)
UltraWoman2nd: mm hmm
JessicaakaSatine: well dave probalby thinks you should still hang onto him des lol
UltraWoman2nd: you husband has the best vocabulary
JessicaakaSatine: where is dave anyway!
EwansDestyne: hehehe
JessicaakaSatine: little butthead
UltraWoman2nd: LOL
EwansDestyne: He said he would be here
lukaknezevic: Guys, it's 02:30 am here. I can't type anymore. I'm leaving. My appologies, cya on the next chat party!
JessicaakaSatine: this non-fat cheese is pretty decent
EwansDestyne: so did Craig and he's not here either
UltraWoman2nd: ta taa
JessicaakaSatine: by luka!
Jenn97513: bye
: bye!
UltraWoman2nd: Craig is probably in bed
EwansDestyne: Nightie sweetie
UltraWoman2nd: or working
JessicaakaSatine: see you later, i added you to the list
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JessicaakaSatine: ready for the next question?
Jenn97513: yes
: 5
JessicaakaSatine: 4
UltraWoman2nd: k
JessicaakaSatine: 3
UltraWoman2nd: c'mon!
JessicaakaSatine: 2
JessicaakaSatine: 1
JessicaakaSatine: 1) Which real-life actress was Satine's idol?Sarah Bernhardt
: opps
: lol
JessicaakaSatine: DO OVER
: good job!
: this is harder than i thought. I'm going to make up my own Q for it
UltraWoman2nd: :-P
Jenn97513: whatever
: Who designed all of Satine's costumes for "Spectacular, Spectacular" (come to think of it, all of the costumes for the play)?
: HMMM????
UltraWoman2nd: Fark!
UltraWoman2nd: CM and Angus?
JessicaakaSatine: NO
: Who the hell is FARK Kate?
JessicaakaSatine: lol
: ;-)
JessicaakaSatine: this is on the 2nd DVD
: when Zidler is crazy for electricity
: huh?
: toucha toucha toucha touch me...I wanna be diiirrrtyy
JessicaakaSatine: um
: no
: thrill me chill me fulfil me...creature of the niiiiiiigght
JessicaakaSatine: hint: that demonic little loon
: tolouse?
UltraWoman2nd: BAZ
JessicaakaSatine: yes!
: lol
JessicaakaSatine: bing bing bing
: correct answer: EwansDestyne: tolouse?
UltraWoman2nd: pffft
JessicaakaSatine: i wouldn't have asked this except i was watchign the extras with a convert last night
EwansDestyne: YAY
UltraWoman2nd: The minute you walked in the joint.........
JessicaakaSatine: next question?
UltraWoman2nd: I could tell you were a man of distinction
UltraWoman2nd: okayyyy
DmndSatine has entered the room.
JessicaakaSatine: this one is hard
EwansDestyne: Kate, WTF??
JessicaakaSatine: 5
JessicaakaSatine: 4
JessicaakaSatine: 3
JessicaakaSatine: 2
JessicaakaSatine: 1
JessicaakaSatine: What are Satine's last words?
: that way youll alwayts be with me
Jenn97513: tell our story?
: just joking
: not close enough kate
: I'll always be with YOU
UltraWoman2nd: bah
JessicaakaSatine: winner: EwansDestyne: I'll always be with YOU
UltraWoman2nd: duh
JessicaakaSatine: lol
EwansDestyne: hehehe, I'm smoking you guys
JessicaakaSatine: i was wondering what that flame was
Jenn97513: I'm gonna go. I might be back later. and i WILL go to the board.
: I've gotta have it really need it to get by
JessicaakaSatine: yay! seeyou later jenn
UltraWoman2nd: Suuuugaaar High
UltraWoman2nd: BYE
Jenn97513: K-bye
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EwansDestyne: hehehe, jessica.
JessicaakaSatine: next Q
JessicaakaSatine: 5
JessicaakaSatine: 4
JessicaakaSatine: 3
JessicaakaSatine: 2
JessicaakaSatine: 1
JessicaakaSatine: 3) What is Satine's first line of dialogue (non-singing) in the movie?
: uh
UltraWoman2nd: um
EwansDestyne: The french?
UltraWoman2nd: dammi
UltraWoman2nd: t
JessicaakaSatine: nope
: but thats singing
EwansDestyne: will he invest?
UltraWoman2nd: Tiffanys?
JessicaakaSatine: close but no cigar des
: wait, I don't know
JessicaakaSatine: i think this answer is not in the song
: just run the playback in your head kate and des
: I believe you were expecting me?
JessicaakaSatine: it's right before "pidgeon would daddy let you down"
: it is during the song.. in the middle
: Is the duke here Harold?
JessicaakaSatine: yes
: AAaaaaaaaaaaggh I grow veary of this game, when shall we return to transylvania huh?!
JessicaakaSatine: winner; EwansDestyne: Is the duke here Harold?
JessicaakaSatine: next q
EwansDestyne: heheeh, okay I have a non-MR Nic question
JessicaakaSatine: this one isn't as hard
JessicaakaSatine: hold on..
JessicaakaSatine: 5
JessicaakaSatine: 4
JessicaakaSatine: 3
JessicaakaSatine: 2
JessicaakaSatine: 1
JessicaakaSatine: 4) What colour was Nicole's dress at the Cannes premiere?
: red
EwansDestyne: black
UltraWoman2nd: wait
UltraWoman2nd: it depends
JessicaakaSatine: des got it
: it was black
UltraWoman2nd: and then when was the oriental one?
JessicaakaSatine: last q then des can ask hers
: the next day maybe?
UltraWoman2nd: perhaps
JessicaakaSatine: that was during the press thing
: not the premiere
: k
JessicaakaSatine: 5
: 4
: 3
: 2
: 1
: 5) What is the name of Satine's last dress in the movie?
: the wedding dress
UltraWoman2nd: This dress looks too good to die in dress
EwansDestyne: is it an actual name?
JessicaakaSatine: yeah it does
: yeah
: like Debby
UltraWoman2nd: hindi diamonds
JessicaakaSatine: no not like debby
: lol
UltraWoman2nd: fark once more
JessicaakaSatine: you were close des, but no
JessicaakaSatine: it's debbie lol.. j/k
: heheh LOL
EwansDestyne: Does it have an actual name?
JessicaakaSatine: it's more like a description
: The Hindu Wedding Dress, I believe
EwansDestyne: oh, okay.
UltraWoman2nd: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
JessicaakaSatine: winner: DmndSatine: The Hindu Wedding Dress, I believe
JessicaakaSatine: although katy has "the hindi wedding dress" as her solution, i'll accept this one
EwansDestyne: K want to hear my Q?
JessicaakaSatine: yeah
EwansDestyne: What creature is Nicole afraid of?
JessicaakaSatine: butterflies
JessicaakaSatine: i told katy to ask that one, she didn't want to.. dammit
EwansDestyne: JessicaakaSatine: butterflies
EwansDestyne: YEAY
JessicaakaSatine: yay!
EwansDestyne: hehehe
JessicaakaSatine: fix font
JessicaakaSatine: i see we have silenced everyone in the room
DmndSatine: he.
JessicaakaSatine: my hands hurt like death
EwansDestyne: HMM, what shall we do to wake them???
UltraWoman2nd: strip!
EwansDestyne: LOL!!!
JessicaakaSatine: hmmm
JessicaakaSatine: maybe if we got ewan to strip.. ;-)
UltraWoman2nd: ...pwwweaaaase
EwansDestyne: That would be something
JessicaakaSatine: strip chat game
JessicaakaSatine: we can play strip virtual poker
JessicaakaSatine: he he.. i'm taking my socks off.. lol
UltraWoman2nd: ;-)
EwansDestyne: Okay
EwansDestyne: hehehe
UltraWoman2nd: um I only have one
UltraWoman2nd: no two pieces of clothing on
CrazyMRFan has entered the room.
EwansDestyne: Yikes, Kate
UltraWoman2nd: lol
EwansDestyne: That may have been more than I wanted to know
JessicaakaSatine: katy you gotta catch up, we're all stripping
CrazyMRFan: back guys!
: i have 4 pieces of clothing on
CrazyMRFan: WHAT???
: night gown and undies ;-) thants enough coverage Des
EwansDestyne: hehehe
EwansDestyne: Okay
JessicaakaSatine: yeah it's night time for little kate there
UltraWoman2nd: no it's morning time
EwansDestyne: Isn't it morning there
JessicaakaSatine: sometimes i wear a mau mau
JessicaakaSatine: whateva
UltraWoman2nd: moooo
JessicaakaSatine: how early did you wake up kate
CrazyMRFan: haha u kids...
: Yea, those are comfy
UltraWoman2nd: 9, which is damn early for me
JessicaakaSatine: what is serena up to tonight? play rehersal or something
JessicaakaSatine: 9 is early!
CrazyMRFan: amusement park i think
: and I was up till 4 am watchin pet cemetary
UltraWoman2nd: II
EwansDestyne: Yea
EwansDestyne: She said she'd be on at 10:30 or so
CrazyMRFan: yeah... what she said
: I don't know what time that is here
JessicaakaSatine: i went to bed at one last night, and i was all set to get up early and go to the JC Penny sale (cause i have a gift C and things are at least 25% on sale) and i kept hitting the damn snooze, the sale ended at noon
JessicaakaSatine: and i couldn't get up.
EwansDestyne: Pet Cemetary?
JessicaakaSatine: it must have been those ralph lauren sheets.. they are the key to my well-being
EwansDestyne: That movie is a little scary
CrazyMRFan: that's gonna be a while cause it's only 10:05 here and i'm at least an hour and a half ahead of u guys
: i didn't see pet cemetary till i was in college
EwansDestyne: Are they satin, Jessica
UltraWoman2nd: eh it was okay
EwansDestyne: I want satin sheets
DmndSatine: its 8:43 here
JessicaakaSatine: nah.. but would that be "romantic"
CrazyMRFan: haha
: "but what happens when you're not in bed"
UltraWoman2nd: I'd slip out of bed
CrazyMRFan: haha literall
: y
: ok.. but no.. they cost a $100! but I got them for $27
EwansDestyne: heheh
UltraWoman2nd: Ladies, I must bid you farewell!
CrazyMRFan: haha ur really proud of that, aren't ya jess?
: cotton, 200 thread count.. they've got little paisley patterns barely visible completely white.
EwansDestyne: Kate, leaving already?
JessicaakaSatine: yes i am
CrazyMRFan: bye kate! xoxo
: farwell!
UltraWoman2nd: I have to
JessicaakaSatine: kate we shall miss you, got class or something?
UltraWoman2nd: damn christeing
UltraWoman2nd: Grrrr
JessicaakaSatine: on a sunday lol
JessicaakaSatine: oh yeah
UltraWoman2nd: I mean really
EwansDestyne: Oh yea, that church thing
UltraWoman2nd: that is so passé ;-)
UltraWoman2nd: lol
JessicaakaSatine: i am a godmother
CrazyMRFan: lol we'll miss ya!
: i didn't get to do anything
EwansDestyne: I'm an acutal mother.
UltraWoman2nd: lol
CrazyMRFan: i'm not!
: i have hypotheitical children
UltraWoman2nd: "Luv ya buh bye"
JessicaakaSatine: kiss kiss
EwansDestyne: Bye honey
CrazyMRFan: xoxxo later! xoxo
: ...I shall leave you with these words...
UltraWoman2nd: When we die we turn to dust...
UltraWoman2nd: I think there is a dead person under my bed
UltraWoman2nd: :-)
CrazyMRFan: haha
: funny
: not really.. but nice try kate lol
JessicaakaSatine: ;-)
CrazyMRFan: cya
: save the chat for me pretty ppl
JessicaakaSatine: O:-):-D
JessicaakaSatine: no problemo
UltraWoman2nd: :-P
UltraWoman2nd has left the room.
CrazyMRFan: yeah jess, u were here the whole time, can u save the chat right now?
: my husband is watching Ever After alone, but he won't watch Moulin Rouge at all. Does anyone else think that is a little odd?
JessicaakaSatine: i should do that
CrazyMRFan: yeah it is....
: ever after is beautiful
CrazyMRFan: and yeah u should, jess
: I love Ever After too
CrazyMRFan: BTW, did i miss much?
: the end of the quiz
CrazyMRFan: yeah, what was the score for that?
: dougray scott is in ever after. ewan was his best man at his wedding
EwansDestyne: I won! hehehe. not I don't know
JessicaakaSatine: i didn't keep track
EwansDestyne: I know, Jessica
EwansDestyne: I read that somewehre
DmndSatine: lol, I remember seeing Ever After
JessicaakaSatine: i screwed up the first question you sent me.. everyone laughed at me
CrazyMRFan: ok, well as long as u save the chat and post it tomorrow... that's all i need to know
: haha really?
: what happened?
: yeah so i came up with a realy hard question
EwansDestyne: That is where Ewan met Tom Cruise on the set of MI 2 cause Dougray Scott was there
JessicaakaSatine: yes it is on that quote page
EwansDestyne: Yea, that was it
CrazyMRFan: which q?
: who designed all of satine's costumes for "spectacular, spectacular" (and everyone elses too)?
JessicaakaSatine: it's part of that extra with Zidler's obsession with electricity on the dvd #2
EwansDestyne: "You like him admit it."
EwansDestyne: "Nope"
CrazyMRFan: catherine martin? or bridgette broche...? or angus strathie?
: i can't remember
: Hehehe, sorry. I Love that movie.
JessicaakaSatine: none of the above
JessicaakaSatine: it's in the move
JessicaakaSatine: movie even
JessicaakaSatine: a character
CrazyMRFan: really?
: who>
: ?
JessicaakaSatine: all the sets and costumes are supposed to be designed by toulouse-lautrec
JessicaakaSatine: "this script is shit!"
EwansDestyne: was that ever in the script or anything?
CrazyMRFan: WOW!!! really? that's cool! where'd you find that intresting little bit of info?
: maybe
JessicaakaSatine: we'll find out on the red curtain trilogy
JessicaakaSatine: i think the cutting room floor, about zidler
JessicaakaSatine: i saw it last night cause i had to show off the extras to a convert
CrazyMRFan: oh ok... have 2 look 4 that...
: Oh yea, I want that. How much was the trilogy, Jessica?
EwansDestyne: Did the convert convert?
CrazyMRFan: lol
: yeah she was converted, i just had to share with her EVERYTHING
JessicaakaSatine: she's not what i would call "obsessed"
JessicaakaSatine: she wanted to borrow my soundtrack, i reluctantly handed it over, even though i have 2 copies
EwansDestyne: Why isn't she here? She's not really obsessed.
CrazyMRFan: none of my friends are converts... they all make fun of me cuz of it :-(
EwansDestyne: if she's not here
JessicaakaSatine: the trilogy price vairies.
JessicaakaSatine: she doesn't get to use the computer, her brother is always on it
JessicaakaSatine: and i don't think she's that into it to come to an online party
JessicaakaSatine: maybe i can talk her into coming to the board, she hasn't even seen my site yet
EwansDestyne: yea, Crazy, I found someone who liked MR the other day, just by accident and almost crapped my pants. I thought we were a dying breed.
JessicaakaSatine: LOL
Jenn97513 has entered the room.
JessicaakaSatine: did you get all excited
CrazyMRFan: whoa!
: jenn's back guys!
: Jenn, Welcome back
Jenn97513: hello
: Yea, Jessica
JessicaakaSatine: i got totally excited when i talked to lisann, she told me she saw it, and i was like.. "and did you like it?"..
JessicaakaSatine: and i found out she cried at the end when i hung out with her yesterday :-)
DmndSatine has left the room.
JessicaakaSatine: hmm
EwansDestyne: We talked about the soundtrack and the extras on the DVD and everything. It was the best MR converstaion I've had with a person who is not "virtual"
JessicaakaSatine: yay!
CrazyMRFan: haha
: how did you met he or she
EwansDestyne: She is a friend of a friend kind of thing. I was at my friends house and she was there.
CrazyMRFan: coolness
: that's cool
JessicaakaSatine: damn popup stopper isn't working now
CrazyMRFan: oo i can't wait to see the transcript! i wanna see what i missed
: you know the trilogy is going to have the scripts to all the movies on the 5th dvd
EwansDestyne: Really?
EwansDestyne: That's cool
JessicaakaSatine: yeah
JessicaakaSatine: i posted something about it on the thread about it
EwansDestyne: Do you have that?
CrazyMRFan: wow! major coolness
: huh?
: the scripts
: Ah! It's raining and my sweetie is outside cooking on the grill.
EwansDestyne: hehehe
EwansDestyne: Wet husband.
JessicaakaSatine: "I want that microfilm, and i'm going to get it"
CrazyMRFan: lol
: james bond is on right now. they're playing "nobody does it better now"
JessicaakaSatine: nix the "now"
EwansDestyne: Hey, My hubby was watching that too, Jessica
JessicaakaSatine: lol
EwansDestyne: I had the whole nodoby does it better thing in my head
JessicaakaSatine: my dad is watchign it, he's never seen this one before.
JessicaakaSatine: i love sean connery.. such a sexy beast
EwansDestyne: Now he's back to Ever After where she's carrying the prince on her shoulders
JessicaakaSatine: aww.. i haven't seen it in ages, is it on tv?
EwansDestyne: No, it's on the VCR, I think
JessicaakaSatine: ah
JessicaakaSatine: i think i'll put it on my todo list.. buy ever after on dvd..
JessicaakaSatine: so that comes after "ALLO" and the trilogy
CrazyMRFan: lol yeah
: Hey, since you brought up ALLO, has anyone seen the Beach?
JessicaakaSatine: yes
JessicaakaSatine: it seemed much like a waste of time
JessicaakaSatine: pretty though
EwansDestyne: I really like Danny Boyles other films and have thought about seeing it
JessicaakaSatine: ewan would have done a better job
EwansDestyne: But it doesn't have Ewan in it.
JessicaakaSatine: yeah i heard that it didn't fullfill all the promises of the book "the beach"
JessicaakaSatine: but i saw the movie, didn't read the book
EwansDestyne: Hmm, they should have stuck with Ewan.
JessicaakaSatine: yep..
JessicaakaSatine: they could have at least had him in the movie
Jenn97513: I'm confused again.
: there's a leonardo dicaprio movie called "the beach." the beach was directed by Danny Boyle, who directed Ewan in "Shallow Grave" and "Trainspotting"
EwansDestyne: man, it's pouring like a dirty bugger outside.
Jenn97513: o. ok.
: and ALLO
JessicaakaSatine: he opted to hire Dicaprio to get a bigger box office draw
EwansDestyne: Yea, but it didn't work I guess
JessicaakaSatine: yeah i skipped it.. "a life less ordinary" another great ewan movie
Jenn97513: isn't he going to be in the 3rd harry potter maybe?
: ewan is quoted as saying he hasn't spoken to boyle dince
JessicaakaSatine: yeah there is talk of him playing lupin
JessicaakaSatine: though i don't know about that cause i don't read the books and i didn't see the first movie
JessicaakaSatine: dince=since
CrazyMRFan: oops... fell alseep
: lol
: really? lol
JessicaakaSatine: what time is it?
Jenn97513: it's 8 here
: and what is this business about Ashley Judd not liking our Ewan?
CrazyMRFan: haha no, i'm not tired, it's only 10:30
: i didn't hear anythign about that des
JessicaakaSatine: 8 here too
EwansDestyne: It's on the same quote page.
JessicaakaSatine: oh did she say it?
EwansDestyne: I guess they didn't like eachother
EwansDestyne: Hold on, I'll find it.
CrazyMRFan: really??? well i dont' like her now either!
: ah i like her
Jenn97513: she was good in Ya-Ya
: i think she's stupid for not liking him, but i still like her as an actress
Jenn97513: I agree
: yeah ya-ya and that tv show Sisters.. i loved that show
JessicaakaSatine: she got raped on sisters.. so sad
CrazyMRFan: yeah i guess... she was good in double jeopardy
: i didn't like double jeopardy.. could be it was a bad date..
CrazyMRFan: lol
: didn't see it
: i liked her in "kiss the girls" with morgan freeman
JessicaakaSatine: i didn't see "high crimes" though
Jenn97513: what movie is Nic going to be in next?
: 2 words..
JessicaakaSatine: can't remember it
JessicaakaSatine: on is "the
CrazyMRFan: she plays virginia woolf, that's all i remember
: yeah
CrazyMRFan: oo, the hours?
: it's "the something
JessicaakaSatine: yes
JessicaakaSatine: the hours
JessicaakaSatine: :-)
CrazyMRFan: yay! i win! hahaha
: i kept thinking "the others' but wait, she's been in it
JessicaakaSatine: already
CrazyMRFan: haha yeah
: others, hours, same thing
: what about Birthday Girl? when is that coming out? or has it?
: Stephan Elliott director of Eye of the Beholder said it
EwansDestyne: "Ashley made up her mind that she wasn't going to talk to Ewan at all throughout the entire shooting of the film "
CrazyMRFan: already has, jenn
: lol
: it didn't come here....and I wanted to see it. now I feel stupid
: maybe it was her concentration
EwansDestyne: "basically infuriated him at the time"
JessicaakaSatine: maybe she was madly in love with him
JessicaakaSatine: and she couldn't talk to him
JessicaakaSatine: because she knew she couldn't resist jumping into his arms
Jenn97513: she wanted a blow up Ewan too...secretly
: lol that's ok, i don't even know if it was here... i just saw ads for it
: so she turned a cold shoulder, it was all an act.. lol
JessicaakaSatine: yes!
Jenn97513: me too
: ". The tension in the air for that final scene was horrific. "
CrazyMRFan: hahaha
: Okay, that is the best parts
JessicaakaSatine: sexual tension
JessicaakaSatine: ;-)
JessicaakaSatine: lol
EwansDestyne: hehehe
JessicaakaSatine: ok that was a decent movie, but weird ending
JessicaakaSatine: if you could call it an ending
CrazyMRFan: which 1?
: I didn't like that movie at all.
JessicaakaSatine: "eye of the boholder"
EwansDestyne: It didn't make sense
JessicaakaSatine: oh but ewan was so delish with his glasses
CrazyMRFan: yeah a lot of ppl said that
: his computer nerdish ways
JessicaakaSatine: *sigh*
CrazyMRFan: haha
: Has anyone seen Killing Priscilla?
CrazyMRFan: *swoon*
: no
CrazyMRFan: nope
: nope
: isn't that like a documentary
EwansDestyne: It's about the making of EotB
JessicaakaSatine: does it talk about the alternate ending
EwansDestyne: It talks about how they had to change everything, the story and all, due to the financing and Hollywood stuff. So you can guess how Ewan liked that.
JessicaakaSatine: anti hollywood ewan..
EwansDestyne: I guess it just was an entirely different story when Ewan signed on
EwansDestyne: and then it all changed
JessicaakaSatine: funny that he's making like the ultimate hollywood love story with "down with love.." romantic comedy
CrazyMRFan: haha yay 4 Ewan!
: Yea. Can't wait to see Down With Love.
JessicaakaSatine: he also said he'd never repirse the role of Renton cause he couldn't imagine playing the same character more than once.. oh really Obi?
EwansDestyne: Or Young Adam. I heard they wanted to make it X rated!
JessicaakaSatine: i wouldn't mind that
JessicaakaSatine: i would be proud to go see an NC-17
JessicaakaSatine: i've never been to one
CrazyMRFan: lol @ jess's obi comment
: didn't he do porn in Europe?
: lol
EwansDestyne: I heard they want to make a sequel to Trainspotting, called porn or something, and they want Ewan to be in it. I don't think he will though.
JessicaakaSatine: blow up ewan!
CrazyMRFan: hahahahahahahaa
: doin' it for the sistahs!
EwansDestyne: Jenn, it depends on what your def. of porn is. ;-)
JessicaakaSatine: was the pillow book porn.. no
JessicaakaSatine: was it full of many naked people having sex.. yes
Jenn97513: hey...I'm goin to Europe...and can't wait ;-);-)
JessicaakaSatine: when?
Jenn97513: July
: awesome!
: i was supposed to go in august, but i don't see it happening
JessicaakaSatine: going to Paris?
Jenn97513: London and Paris
: lucky u! visit the MR
: I am!
: take pictures!
Jenn97513: don't worry!
: are you going to see the show?
CrazyMRFan: my friends sister did and she got toulouse posters and lotsa pix...
: she's a big fan too
: no.
: i'd love somebody to send me a Moulin Rouge shot glass or t-shirt from the show.. like maybe a new friend.. hint hint
CrazyMRFan: haha
: I'll see what I can do
: :-)
CrazyMRFan: aww... how sweet
: let me live the dream dahling
Jenn97513: haha
: "I would rather die a thousand deaths than to see my mothers dress on that spoiled selfish cow!" I love that line!
CrazyMRFan: i'd just be happy with some pictures... do u have a digital camera or a scanner? cause i'd love to see the pix
: :-D
JessicaakaSatine: katie (curley) went to see the show when she was over there last Fall
JessicaakaSatine: you could scan them at the library or something if no
Jenn97513: I freaked out when I found out I was gonna get to see the Moulin Rouge....everyone in the room was just staring @ me
: I'll send you the pix
: lol
CrazyMRFan: yeah katie's online but she's not here... hmmm.....
: school trip?
CrazyMRFan: ok thanx jen!
: yes.
: i'll post them on my site if you want
CrazyMRFan: i would freak too!
: you could write a diary entry
CrazyMRFan: wowsers
: Okay, here is quote I found about Young Adam.
CrazyMRFan: kewl!!
: one of the girls going loves Moulin Rouge too, so she understoo
: d
: Wait, it's too big, I have to post it in partsa
JessicaakaSatine: yay you guys can squeal together and not be embarrassed
JessicaakaSatine: pasta? lol
Jenn97513: yeah,
: haha yeah when my friend tole me here sister went to the MR, I was like OMG OMG OMG!! (actually, it should be OMB, but o well)
: Lol, parts
JessicaakaSatine: oh my BAZ
Jenn97513: haha
: mooby was pissing me off, he can kiss my ass now
EwansDestyne: By Ewan's body double "Ewan was really nice to me and seemed quite chuffed that his double was called Euan as well. He was really chatty and friendly. "
JessicaakaSatine: yes i read that :-)
EwansDestyne: ". I've been told that Young Adam is supposed to be an X-rated film, but there wasn't anything X-rated while I was working on it.
JessicaakaSatine: lol
CrazyMRFan: lol
: well it's supposed to be "filthy"
EwansDestyne: There was a scene where Ewan had to kiss a girl and lift her skirt a little but nothing more than that ...and I wasn't needed for those scenes, funnily enough.
CrazyMRFan: i wish that was me...
: :-D
Jenn97513: me too
: hehehe, me too
EwansDestyne: :-P
CrazyMRFan: lol
: lucky girl
Jenn97513: no joke
: wonder if it was renee
JessicaakaSatine: oh wrong movie
JessicaakaSatine: lol
CrazyMRFan: i'd say
: nm
CrazyMRFan: haha
: i'm sure he lifts her skirt too though
EwansDestyne: Renee wan't in Young Adam was she?
JessicaakaSatine: "sex comedy"
EwansDestyne: She is in DWL
JessicaakaSatine: yeah i checked myself
CrazyMRFan: i wanna see that
: oh, sorry just read that
JessicaakaSatine: i have to see them both
JessicaakaSatine: i need something to get me over BHD
CrazyMRFan: BHD...?
: Wonder when Young Adam is coming out
JessicaakaSatine: black hawk down
JessicaakaSatine: wans't crazy about it..
EwansDestyne: You didn't like?
JessicaakaSatine: imdb doesn't say cause they suck
JessicaakaSatine: i didn't really.. i liked bits of it
CrazyMRFan: oh ok... sorry, all i know right now is MR... and AP :-D
JessicaakaSatine: like ewan's bits
EwansDestyne: I haven't seen it and only want to cause Ewan's in it.
anamericanepic: hi
CrazyMRFan: ello mate
: hi!
JessicaakaSatine: ap?
Jenn97513: Ewan's in what?
: alternative press?
CrazyMRFan: AUSTIN POWERS!!!!!!! my other obsession
: AP"???
JessicaakaSatine: oh duh
EwansDestyne: OOhhh, AP!
JessicaakaSatine: i want to see #3
anamericanepic: MINORITY REPORT
CrazyMRFan: i know me 2!
: Don't really like AP. DOn't through tomatoes at me.
JessicaakaSatine: tom cruise sux
Jenn97513: Minority Report was good.
: aha jess, so do you... men that is
CrazyMRFan: haha don't worry, that's like ppl who insult MR... i just laugh at them
: haha
JessicaakaSatine: oh you burned me!
JessicaakaSatine: :-[
Jenn97513: but Tom Cruise.....I don't like him..
: just kiddin with ya jesss
CrazyMRFan: neither jenn
: his nose looks like it is broken
: i just say that he sucks.. i want to see the movie, so i'm waiting for it to come out on video.. but i will not give him box office draw
CrazyMRFan: hahahaha
: and he needs braces
: really bad
: i dont' wanna see it
: he went on leno on nic's birthday
CrazyMRFan: he has braces now!
: really?
: yes
CrazyMRFan: yup!
: that's funny
: they look really funny on him too
has left the room.
Jenn97513: I bet
: did he say anything about Nic on Leno?
JessicaakaSatine: he said he's getting them off soon
EwansDestyne: Leno loves Nic
JessicaakaSatine: no.. but i was in the other room most of the time
Jenn97513: I like his arms....but that is it
: leno told tom they should take the braces to ebay and sell them
EwansDestyne: Jay should have ripped into Tom for leaving Nic
CrazyMRFan: Leno loves all beautiful women :-\
Jenn97513: haha
: cruise said he sold his vampire teeth on ebay (well the company did)
Jenn97513: why did they divorce?
: sorry, I won't say anything about it again.
JessicaakaSatine: because it was just under 10 years and if he waited any longer he'd have to give her half of everything he owned
JessicaakaSatine: meaning that he wanted to do it..
CrazyMRFan: i dunno... but apparently "Nic knows"....... *grumble*grumble*... stupid ass....
: well, there may be more to it than that, who knows.
JessicaakaSatine: well that's all i know of "when" i don't know the "why"
Jenn97513: what about the miscarriage?
: that was after the legal separation.. like when she found out
CrazyMRFan: that was a sin .... :'( poor nic
: was it Tom's?
: who knows.. i would think it was..
CrazyMRFan: yeah probably... they were married then weren't they?
: I don't know. But that would suck cause they couldn't have kids I read somewhere, so it must have been a big blow to lose a baby.
JessicaakaSatine: when she concieved it yes
JessicaakaSatine: yeah
CrazyMRFan: yeah, their kids are adopted
: i want nic to get a good man
EwansDestyne: "I am the prince of france, and you are just like them." CRIES. :'(.
CrazyMRFan: me 2 jess
: lol
Jenn97513: Ditto
: poor DREW
EwansDestyne: sorry, love the movie, not fair to have it on when I can't watch it.
CrazyMRFan: Drew?
: Barrymore
JessicaakaSatine: barrymore, des is watching ever after
CrazyMRFan: oh yeah, ever after...
: or listening to it
CrazyMRFan: lol
JessicaakaSatine: you should tell him his punishment for watching it without you is to watch MR with you!
Jenn97513: haha
: "I know that a life without love is no life at all."
JessicaakaSatine: after the chat of course
EwansDestyne: Hehehe, yea Jessica.
JessicaakaSatine: des how did you meet your husband?
EwansDestyne: I met him at college
EwansDestyne: in the dorm hot tub
JessicaakaSatine: damn i'm already done.. rule that one out
JessicaakaSatine: lol
JessicaakaSatine: that explains it.. i shoulda had a dorm with a hot tub
EwansDestyne: hehehe
CrazyMRFan: haha
: is Nic with anyone?
: nope
: as far as anyone knows.. no
EwansDestyne: I don't think so Jenn
JessicaakaSatine: though the tabloids are trying to tie her with every single celeb on the planet..
JessicaakaSatine: can't nic have friends? lol
EwansDestyne: "Is that what I am? Your PROBLEM?"
EwansDestyne: hehehe
CrazyMRFan: ahhh! des!
: lol
: i haven't seen that movie in ages.. i think the last time was when i was a frosh and it was at the theater
CrazyMRFan: yeah i saw it a while ago too
: Is it that old? YIKES
JessicaakaSatine: yeah 4 years
Jenn97513: I had a friend who was obbessed with it
: i wonder how a person could become obsessed with a movie?
CrazyMRFan: hahahahaha
: hehehehem Jess
Jenn97513: I have NO idea
: 8-)
JessicaakaSatine: brb---nature calls
EwansDestyne: Movie obsession? Me, NEVER!!!
CrazyMRFan: lol @ jess
: hehehe, just sent everyone to my website.
CrazyMRFan: lol cheap advertising... i like it!
: Oh, i love this scene in Ever After when they are getting married and the Spanish princess is bawling cause she's in love with someone else too.
CrazyMRFan: des, how would i link to a pic on ur avatar page for my pic on the board? like, what would be the link for the pic called 'mr' of C&S on the elephant...?
: "I know exactly how you feel"
CrazyMRFan: it's a stupid q, but i can't get it to work
: Hmm, okay, hang on.
EwansDestyne: I don't think you could put a direct link cause I'm with geocities and it's not ezboard friendly
JessicaakaSatine: back
JessicaakaSatine: yeah geoshites isn't
JessicaakaSatine: ;-)
EwansDestyne: you have to upload it to an ezboard friendly site and then put the URL
CrazyMRFan: grrr... that's like ICQ, i can't link any of my pics either...
: ok thanks anyway
: anyone have an ezbaord-friendly site that they wanna upload a pic on for me...?
: "don't wake me if i'm dreaming"
JessicaakaSatine: i can do it
EwansDestyne: you can try esmartstart, but you can't store pics there you have to have a website
CrazyMRFan: ok thanks jess, i'll send u the pic i want
: :-Dthank u thank u thank u!
: :-D
JessicaakaSatine: send it my way
CrazyMRFan: thank ya kindla ;-)
CrazyMRFan: *kindly
: lol
: i kinda liked kindla
EwansDestyne: "no, the part where you said my name." "danielle."
EwansDestyne: hehehe. :-)
CrazyMRFan: haha thank ya kindla! lol
: what time is it every ppl?
: *everywher
: e
: 8:45
: 9:39
EwansDestyne: ish
JessicaakaSatine: almostkiss.gif
CrazyMRFan: thanks jess
: ah, that looks familar. hehehe.
CrazyMRFan: lol i luv that one
: it looks better than mine
JessicaakaSatine: just let me know if you ever decide to use a different one.. cause then i can delete it from my internet doomadidger
EwansDestyne: doomadidger?
EwansDestyne: hehehe
CrazyMRFan: huh>
: ?
: brb...I'm hungry
: "Did you or did you not LIE to the queen of France?"
EwansDestyne: "Silence. Are they always like this?" "Worse."
JessicaakaSatine: it's a word when you forget the word you want
EwansDestyne: Ah, like doohikeywingie
JessicaakaSatine: you know who else says "silence."...
JessicaakaSatine: the duke!
CrazyMRFan: haha
: yes indeed
: Yup! "SILENCE"
Jenn97513: I'm back....did ya miss me?
: j/k
: lol YES!!!
: "Margurete, I don't believe you've wife."
JessicaakaSatine: certainly
EwansDestyne: after Ever After Romeo and Juliet is on.
DmndSatine has entered the room.
EwansDestyne: only not BAZ'z version
EwansDestyne: the old one
CrazyMRFan: too bad
: baz version is good
: Welcome back DMD
EwansDestyne: I know I have Baz version too
JessicaakaSatine: aww
JessicaakaSatine: are you sure it's a tape?
EwansDestyne: I love Romeo and Juliet
CrazyMRFan: hello! what's ur name dmndsatine?
: i even liked the 70s version
DmndSatine: Chris
EwansDestyne: Yea, that's the one that's on next
JessicaakaSatine: i don't usually like shakespere.. in fact i avoided takeing the damn class
EwansDestyne: with Olivia Hussy. You get to see her boobs
JessicaakaSatine: but i love R+J and i love "shakespere in love"
CrazyMRFan: Cool! me 2!! except it's Krys for me
: lol the old one's ok... i live the baz version better tho... if it was for good ol' baz i wouldn't understand R+J
: Oh, I love Shakesphere in Love. Don't like Gweneth, but she was tolerable for that GREAT movie.
Jenn97513: brb
: k jenn
: r+J is the whole reason i went to see MR
CrazyMRFan: i went to see mr cuz i didn't wanna see pearl harbor
: lol
JessicaakaSatine: good decision
JessicaakaSatine: i saw PH at a drive-in
JessicaakaSatine: no choice there
EwansDestyne: I saw R+J when I was nine months pregnant and didn't even think about my huge belly or the human being jumping around on my bladder the whole time. It is a great movie.
CrazyMRFan: haha it's a good thing my friend wanted to see MR instead of Pearl Harbor... i love her!!!
: i saw MR instead of the others
EwansDestyne: I still haven't seen Pearl Harbor
JessicaakaSatine: my firends couldn't make up their minds.. so i said Ok let's see "The others"
JessicaakaSatine: they said "we don't know anything about that.." t
JessicaakaSatine: or "i don't like nicole" or whatever
JessicaakaSatine: then i said how about "moulin rouge" it's a musical
CrazyMRFan: neither des
: and they couldn't decide.. so i put my foot down
JessicaakaSatine: i'm so glad that i did
EwansDestyne: I didn't see MR until it was on video. :'(:-(
Jenn97513: I'm back
: yay! go jess! if you didn't, you probably wouldn't be here talking to us right now
: hey jenn
: I didn't want to see MR.
: too bad you're 30 hours away from MN!
JessicaakaSatine: who made you? do you thank them every day?
EwansDestyne: GROSS! My six year old just caught a cockroach! KILL IT!!!
JessicaakaSatine: eww
CrazyMRFan: i wasn't counting on seeing MR the first time eitehr
: I know, I wish I could fly to MN
CrazyMRFan: me 2
: then I saw the Like a Virgin scene @ a cast party for a show and I went and rented the video and fell in love
: Thirty hours wouldn't be so bad if I could fly
JessicaakaSatine: too bad you missed it when it came back to theaters in LA
JessicaakaSatine: isn't it hillarious?
CrazyMRFan: i love that part
: yeah 12 hours wouldn't be so bad if i could fly
Jenn97513: I got a dvd player cus I wanted the dvd of MR.
: in fact.. i should look into getting a flight. the only thing is i wouldn't have a car
JessicaakaSatine: and i think serena's mom won't be into giving us a ride
Jenn97513: rent one
: ahh! jess i just posted something and the pic is there! i luv u i luv u l i luv u!!!!
: :-D
JessicaakaSatine: more money (yuck)..
JessicaakaSatine: yay!
JessicaakaSatine: i am loved
CrazyMRFan: lol of course u are!
: so what was your fave nicole movie other than Moulin Rouge?
CrazyMRFan: i hope u guys have fun on the trip to minnessota
: the Others.
: i wasn't a nicole fan b4... actually, i hated her :-\
EwansDestyne: I did this monologue everyday in my drama class. "Two households, both alike in dignity in fair Verona where we lay our scene. From ancient grudge break a new mutiny where civil blood makes civil hands unclean."
JessicaakaSatine: i had this terrible dream last night.. that i was going into the CIA.. and all my classmates and our families went on Maury Povitch before we entered our first day of class.. and my older brother basically called me ugly
CrazyMRFan: r+j!
: and when i got to school everyone treated me like shit
CrazyMRFan: lovely
: "From forth the fatal loins of these two foes, a pair of star crossed lovers take their life.":
JessicaakaSatine: in fair verona where we lay our scene
CrazyMRFan: R+J is my fave play
: LOL, Jessica.
JessicaakaSatine: i like the importance of being earnest
JessicaakaSatine: in fact
CrazyMRFan: was that a play?
: i'm dying to go see it.. it's in theaters
JessicaakaSatine: yes
JessicaakaSatine: Oscar Wilde
CrazyMRFan: didn't know that...
: When is that coming out, soon isn't it?
JessicaakaSatine: it's only at one theater in St. Louis though.. the arty one.. the Tivoli
CrazyMRFan: oscar wilde... isn't he the absinthe guy?
: it's already out
JessicaakaSatine: no he's the gay guy
JessicaakaSatine: he was a little crazy, but i don't think he did absinthe
Jenn97513: wait....I'm lost
: haha i remember him sayin omething about absinthe...
: hang on i'll get it
: Did absinthe? Like a drug? Don't you drink it? hehehe, just being difficult.
JessicaakaSatine: well when craige perace was talking on dvd 2 about the script they had him and sarah burnhart doing morphine at count vongroovy's house
EwansDestyne: Was there really a count Von Groovy?
EwansDestyne: I thought he was just made up
JessicaakaSatine: not really.. it was the duke
JessicaakaSatine: i'm pretty sure that was his name in the treatments
EwansDestyne: Yea, I thought.
EwansDestyne: Who was the absinthe guy?
EwansDestyne: and wait, oscar wilde was gay? Really, I didn't know that.
JessicaakaSatine: i don't know what she's talking about lol
JessicaakaSatine: well he was bi
CrazyMRFan: i'm getting the quote, hang on
: i forget his lovers name
JessicaakaSatine: i only learned this stuff 2 years ago, so i dont' remember
EwansDestyne: I guess a lot of writers are though, right.
EwansDestyne: You are the English major.
JessicaakaSatine: yeah lol
JessicaakaSatine: i was
JessicaakaSatine: anyway
JessicaakaSatine: ges/mr2.JPG
EwansDestyne: hehe
DmndSatine has left the room.
JessicaakaSatine: remember the beginning of Velvet Goldmine?
EwansDestyne: Vaugly
EwansDestyne: I had a hard time with that movie
EwansDestyne: I have to see it again
EwansDestyne: ***Makes sure Kate isn't looking***'
JessicaakaSatine: Oscar Wilde was the baby with the green pin.. they were basically saying he's an alien.. lol
EwansDestyne: Oh, I do remember something about that.
EwansDestyne: hehehe
JessicaakaSatine: i decided after watching it twice, that i liked it
CrazyMRFan: here's the Oscar Wilde quote... it was on Luka's site:
: but the first time.. wasn't enough
CrazyMRFan: After a firs glass, you see things in the way you want them to be. After a second glass, you see things in the way they are not. And after a third glass, you see things in the way they are, and that is the worst thing in the world!
: lol
: haha
: LOL, I like that
CrazyMRFan: i know, it's a godo quote
: haha godo! *good
: I heard you had to drink six or so glasses before you halucinate.
JessicaakaSatine: lol
EwansDestyne: and John Leguizamo said it was like drinking battery acid
JessicaakaSatine: good to know...
JessicaakaSatine: ewan said it messed him up
CrazyMRFan: how would he know what battery acid tastes like?
: did they really drink it?
: lol
: haha
JessicaakaSatine: yeah they all did
JessicaakaSatine: nicole too
EwansDestyne: I never thought about that
Jenn97513: why?
: ewan talks about it in that details
CrazyMRFan: intresting...
: i wouldn't want to drink it
: i guess research
JessicaakaSatine: i do... lol
EwansDestyne: I have only read bits of that, do you know where the full article is, Jessica?
JessicaakaSatine: i'm really tempted to buy a bottle, Julian sent me a weblink
JessicaakaSatine: i've got it somewheres..
Jenn97513: article on what?
: i've got two copies of the magazine
EwansDestyne: Is it on your site?
JessicaakaSatine: there's also a link to a nic and a ewan interivew at cannes and they both discuss it.. the guy asked them if they saw a green fairy
JessicaakaSatine: maybe i really don't know! lol let me take a gander
EwansDestyne: hehehe. "I'm the green fairy."
CrazyMRFan: haha that would be cool
: Maybe I'll take a gander too.
EwansDestyne: Isn't a gander a female goose?
Jenn97513: or is it a flock of geese?
: like a gander of geese?
: Oh yea, that makes more sense. hehehe
Jenn97513: I could be wrong though
: gandar is the male goose
CurleyMR has entered the room.
JessicaakaSatine: "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." -Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray.
EwansDestyne: AH, I knew it was something.
EwansDestyne: ;-)
CurleyMR: Sorry I was at work
Jenn97513: what about that link?
: How was work?
JessicaakaSatine: "It is through Art and through Art only that we can realize our perfection; through Art and Art only that we can shield ourselves from the sordid perils of actual existence." Oscar Wilde, Art.
CrazyMRFan: hey katie!
: I spent the last hour playing UNo
CrazyMRFan: haha
: ha ha ha
EwansDestyne: Oh, I would love to get paid for playin UNO.
CurleyMR: yeah so that was nice
EwansDestyne: I get paid to swim. :-)
CurleyMR: thats good too
PacSunMovieStar has entered the room.
EwansDestyne: Yea I Like it
JessicaakaSatine: i do not appear to have the Details article on my site
PacSunMovieStar: brb
EwansDestyne: Hey, it's pac, welcome back
CrazyMRFan: yay! i missed u!
: Okay, ;(
Jenn97513: where could I find the article?
: i htink i'm going to change my article's page.. too many frames.. going to make the articles popup
CurleyMR: Is that the Ewan Details? bc I have that one....
CrazyMRFan: lovely
: yeah that's what we're talking about
CurleyMR: yeah that was the first Ewan mag I bought
JessicaakaSatine: specifically the stuff about Absinthe
JessicaakaSatine: i have 2 copies of it, but i can't find it on my site
CrazyMRFan: i am the green fairy...
: Ah let me see if I can't dig that up............
JessicaakaSatine: i did find a picture from it though lol: /details97_4.jpg
: drool.... Ewan... dim lights.... *sigh*
: Ditto Ditto
: lol
: GASP!!! EWAN PICTURE. You should have given me warning
PacSunMovieStar: ok i'm back
JessicaakaSatine: rials/wilde/wilde.htm
PacSunMovieStar: whats going on everyone?
JessicaakaSatine: sorry darling
CrazyMRFan: not much
: i missed u pacsun!
: Hi pac
PacSunMovieStar: TSM *Drool*
CrazyMRFan: no one was talking about TSM!
: :-D
EwansDestyne: TSM? What is that?
CurleyMR: Bah! I shouldn't have cut it up I can only find one pic and the cover. The one pic has nothig about absinthe on the back. The others must be around here somewhere.....
CrazyMRFan: haha The Stage Manager!!
: the stage manager
EwansDestyne: LOL! I forgot about TSM
PacSunMovieStar: can u forget his sexy face?
: LOL. Sorry.
CrazyMRFan: haha great minds think alike pacsun!
: lol yup
EwansDestyne: *****Ducks hurling tomatoes*******
CrazyMRFan: haha what's ur real name again?
: "To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim. "
JessicaakaSatine: i wish Wilde had been in MR
JessicaakaSatine: but he wasn't in Paris at the time
EwansDestyne: Who's Crazy?
JessicaakaSatine: Katy
CrazyMRFan: Me? Krystina
: what about that article?
: oo
JessicaakaSatine: krys
CrazyMRFan: yeah, Krys is easier to type
: i'll bet you can find it easy at ewanspotting
CrazyMRFan: wait, who did u say is Katy, jess?
: k, have to look for some stuff brb
PacSunMovieStar: is this the nicole b-day chat or is that another time?
EwansDestyne: This is it
PacSunMovieStar: ooooooooooo
CrazyMRFan: yeah
: lol
: Ok, PacSun, what's ur name...?
: Is it on that site, Jessica. Probably, ewanspotting has everything.
PacSunMovieStar: holly
CrazyMRFan: Holly!! Yay! ok now i know. :-D
EwansDestyne: Which mag is it, details?
PacSunMovieStar: lol
EwansDestyne: I don't think they have it
JessicaakaSatine: i am not sure
JessicaakaSatine: i'm just looking
EwansDestyne: I can't find any after 1997
EwansDestyne: oh, wait 1999
CrazyMRFan: TSM.... *sigh*........
: LOL! Ah, TSM.
EwansDestyne: if TSM and Ewan go into a fight, who do you think would win? Hahaha.
CrazyMRFan: ;-):-D
CrazyMRFan: TSM!!
: lol
: TSM!
CrazyMRFan: yeah holly!
: TSM is #1
CrazyMRFan: don't we know it
: Jessica, I can't find it on ewanspotting, I'll check somewhere else.
JessicaakaSatine: i can just go get it and type the damn quote lol
JessicaakaSatine: brb
Jenn97513: ok, well I g2g. I
: will talk to some of you later
: bye
has left the room.
CrazyMRFan: bye jenn!
: oh she's gone
: lol
: hey i;m clearing up my computer right now and i've noticed that i have one hell of a lot of MR wallpapers...
: Alright, lets get some excitement rolling in here. WAHOOOO!!! **Jumps up on table and starts dancing***
PacSunMovieStar: i have a lot too
CrazyMRFan: good lord
: we should have saved some trivia q's
: well if anyone has some just say them cause it's only for fun
: sorry everyone.....i'm gonna go now i had a rough day
EwansDestyne: Alright, see ya
CrazyMRFan: ok bye holly! sweet TSM dreams!
: its a long story
CrazyMRFan: xoxo
has left the room.
EwansDestyne: ****CRICKETS CHIRPING*****
CrazyMRFan: haha
: "'I didn't have an affair with Nicole Kidman. No." He starts laughing. 'It was nothing to do with me. ' Nicole, says McGregor, was 'a real poppet'"
EwansDestyne: Poppet? What is that?
CrazyMRFan: who knows..?
: Okay, I've looked lots of places and can't find the article. I don't want to read it that bad, so I'll stop looking.
JessicaakaSatine: ok this will go in two parts..
EwansDestyne: Jessica is the best.
CrazyMRFan: :-D
JessicaakaSatine: "The heady days when he'd out-drink journalists are over. He's decided to calm down. Ther was one recent evening that involved dangerously large quantities of absinthe, but that was principally in the name of research"
JessicaakaSatine: new paragraph:
JessicaakaSatine: "'It's wicked stuff, I assure you,' he says. "I couldn't see properly the next day. My vision was like ..." he waves his hands in front of his face. 'It's madness."'
CrazyMRFan: ...:-)....*yawn*
: it's not as good as the cannes interview though
EwansDestyne: Where did you find that?
JessicaakaSatine: it's in Details
JessicaakaSatine: i typed it up
JessicaakaSatine: it's towards the end
EwansDestyne: Ah, you are so devoted to us. :-)
CrazyMRFan: yay jess!
: How could you not love Jessica?
JessicaakaSatine: it was driving me mad
JessicaakaSatine: we were all searching for it.. so i just typed it up lol
JessicaakaSatine: this part is good too
CrazyMRFan: haha
: "McGregor is cagey about his future as a rock star. Baz Luhrmann, on the other hand, says the actor is up there with Bono."
CurleyMR: ha ha ha all this talk about absinthe and I have an absinthe skin on my winamp.... hmmm
JessicaakaSatine: new p: "'My God!' McGregor says, genuinely shocked. 'That's quite a quote!'"
EwansDestyne: Yikes, everytime I think of that song "El Tango Roxanne" I want a Taco Bell bean burrito.
EwansDestyne: So, now I want a bean burrito
CurleyMR: I thought Ewan recorded stuff w/ Moby. It's a shame it wasn't on his latest CD 18
CrazyMRFan: lol @ des
: "'I do write a wee bit of poetry now and then. I had a typewriter to practice for the movie in my trailer. So I wrote a lot of nonsense. They're in a book in my house. And there they will remain.'
JessicaakaSatine: new p: So there will be no thoughts from Moulin rouge, by Ewan McGregor?
CurleyMR: I read in a mag at work today that Nic is going to record a song w/ Kylie next
EwansDestyne: AH, come one Ewan, let us see them. hehehe
JessicaakaSatine: "' A book of shite,' he muses with a wince. 'No.'"
CurleyMR: w/ Baz's help possibly even written by him I can't remember
CrazyMRFan: ah Ewan.... u gotta love him
: Young Adam This is an odd picture. If Ewan wasn't naked in the movie I don't think this would be appealing.
EwansDestyne: Who the hell is that guy?
CurleyMR: ha ha ha they play something stupid in CVS on the radio all the time. I always sing along
CurleyMR: Who Baz?
JessicaakaSatine: the author of the details article called "nightwatch" and "Blue Juice" turkeys
CrazyMRFan: what>>
: ??
: who's baz
EwansDestyne: No in that picture. Some weird looking guy? It isn't Ewan is it?
CurleyMR: Baz Luhrmann, the director of Moulin Rouge
JessicaakaSatine: who's baz
JessicaakaSatine: oh
JessicaakaSatine: who baz
JessicaakaSatine: lol
CrazyMRFan: haha that's GOTTA be a joke! lol
: has to be
JessicaakaSatine: i almost had a heart attack
JessicaakaSatine: he's got the mole
CrazyMRFan: haha wha?? the mole???
: the guy in the picture
JessicaakaSatine: i think that is ewan
EwansDestyne: I remember hearing something about a mole? Did I dream it.
CurleyMR: oh it's the guy who plays Tilda's husband
JessicaakaSatine: that's ewan scubbing that guy in that pic
EwansDestyne: It's Ewan? HMM, I'll have to stare at it more/
JessicaakaSatine: the mole knows
JessicaakaSatine: tell-tale
JessicaakaSatine: otherwise.. ick
CurleyMR: Leslie
CrazyMRFan: haha what the hell....?
: I guess I could kinda see Ewan. If his arm wan't blocking his cute dimple chin.....
JessicaakaSatine: details tells us ewan smokes marlboros
JessicaakaSatine: it's gotta be him
CurleyMR: Peter Mullen
JessicaakaSatine: who the guy
EwansDestyne: Yea, it is. Just can't tell cause he's so thin and stuff. He needs a Taco Bell bean burrito.
CurleyMR: he had a pack in the 'Trips' special in his bag
CrazyMRFan: haha
: i just like to laugh every now and then :-D
JessicaakaSatine: ok
JessicaakaSatine: yeah
JessicaakaSatine: i can't bear to stare at that pic any longer
EwansDestyne: That's the best way to do it, crazy.
CrazyMRFan: haha oh i know
: ann landers died
JessicaakaSatine: :-(
CurleyMR: Did she?
EwansDestyne: She did, when?
JessicaakaSatine: yeah
JessicaakaSatine: today
EwansDestyne: Today?
EwansDestyne: Ah, that's too bad.
CurleyMR: wow, how old was she?
JessicaakaSatine: 83 years old
EwansDestyne: Wow, that's pretty old.
JessicaakaSatine: &cid=514&ncid=716&e=1&u=/ap/2002062 3/ap_on_re_us/obit_landers_15
CurleyMR: oh I always thought she was much younger for some reason
EwansDestyne: I'm only supposed to live to be 77 according to that thingie on the MB
JessicaakaSatine: i'm supposed to only live till like 64
EwansDestyne: Was that Details December 2001?
JessicaakaSatine: um no
JessicaakaSatine: May 2001
JessicaakaSatine: it was before BHD but during MR
CrazyMRFan: hey jess can u save the chat again?
: Why only 64, Jessica? That's not very long
JessicaakaSatine: yeah i should
EwansDestyne: Okay.
CrazyMRFan: thanx
: i don't know why
JessicaakaSatine: diabetes and cancer run in the family, and i'm overweight
EwansDestyne: Ah, cancer runs in my family too.
EwansDestyne: I'll probably get it'
EwansDestyne: The light skin and the melenoma thing don't blend
JessicaakaSatine: yeah
CrazyMRFan: :-(
JessicaakaSatine: oh and strokes too
JessicaakaSatine: and heart problems
JessicaakaSatine: and glaucoma
EwansDestyne: Don't worry though, it's still a long time away.
CrazyMRFan: same for the last 2 jess
: Wow everything is agianst you eh?
EwansDestyne: Yikes, Jessica.
CrazyMRFan: poor jess :-(
CurleyMR: Well if you ever get in a bad way, Moulin Rouge will help you through it
JessicaakaSatine: i found that absinthe oscar wilde quote on this page:,1294,114 99,00.html
EwansDestyne: Yikes, I just saw a picture of Ewan and his baby. That will piss him off.
EwansDestyne: I didn't do it Ewan!
JessicaakaSatine: my grandmother died from complications of the hong kong flu, which developed into pnumonia and she died at 41
JessicaakaSatine: her daughter, my mom, died of cardiac arrest at 51
JessicaakaSatine: my grandpa, her dad died of diabetes.. um he was in his seventies
CrazyMRFan: oh my god
: my grandma, dad's mom died at 94 though.. and her husband died at 77
JessicaakaSatine: yeah it sucks to be me lol
JessicaakaSatine: except that everyone loves me lol
CurleyMR: wow
CrazyMRFan: my cousin died @ 31
: heart disease
: Oh, I just found this quote from Ewan about Young Adam ""The film is just a lot of sex on a barge in the 50s. Nice. I've never been shy about this sort of thing," he says. SEX ON A BARGE!!!!
CrazyMRFan: lol
: What are the effects of drinking absinthe?
CurleyMR: hmmm, trippy kind things
JessicaakaSatine: Besides the obvious alcohol buzz, there is a peculiar euphoric cloud -- not a fuzzy, mind-numbing cloud as with other "narcotics." You don't stare at the walls; you stare beyond the walls.
EwansDestyne: It's probably not good. You probably get your innerds eaten and stuff.
JessicaakaSatine: Possible after-effects resulting from huge amounts imbibed regularly over a long stretch of time could be depression, memory loss, anxiety, stomach problems, spouting Coleridge at random, and other unseemly symptoms.
EwansDestyne: I don't know, I've never tried it.
JessicaakaSatine: Consumption in moderation, however, seems to have no negative side effects
CrazyMRFan: hmmm..... lovely
: yeah, my friend Amanda said for my b-day she'll get me some absinthe. I don't think she'll be able to do that but the thought is nice
JessicaakaSatine: The euphoric feeling ... not like alcohol or marijuana. You have a clarity that you don't have with those two.
JessicaakaSatine: You can still function ... in fact, I've written some of my best short stories while drinking it. Seems to open the mind a bit.
JessicaakaSatine: well thanks to Julian, I know where to get it now.. just have to get a job to afford it lol
JessicaakaSatine: actually i'd rather save up and buy a bottle of Moet Chandon Champagne for MR's second bday
CurleyMR: Oh I missed that.... where can you get it?
EwansDestyne: When is your b day
JessicaakaSatine: mine? i'm 22..
JessicaakaSatine: march 1
EwansDestyne: Ah, so you just had one.
CrazyMRFan: :-D still alive
: YEAY!!! STILL ALIVE!!! (don't really know what that was about, but thought it could liven this up.)
CrazyMRFan: i meant me
CrazyMRFan: lol
: they actually have a special if you buy the MR dvd and a bottle
CrazyMRFan: brb kids
: I've heard there are different kinds of absinthe.
JessicaakaSatine: yeah but anytime's a good time for presents des ;-)
JessicaakaSatine: yeah
EwansDestyne: hehehe.
CrazyMRFan: wow there's only 4 ppl here... i thought there were more
: ha ha ha, thats great
EwansDestyne: Where were you, curly?
JessicaakaSatine: there was
CrazyMRFan: lol yeah
: when?
CrazyMRFan: u know what i just realized? i said 'brb kids' earlier and all you guys are older than me ... LOL
: he he
CrazyMRFan: well now i feel smart :-\
EwansDestyne: Happy belated birthday from Ewan Jessica, I found a present for you.
EwansDestyne: Sorry, I thought it was bigger than that.
CrazyMRFan: hahahahahahahaha
: crap... i'm gonna have to get all you guys on AIM again cause i need to delete it :-(
CurleyMR: hmmmm have you guys ever heard of 'Tag' on IM?
CrazyMRFan: no...?
: argh
JessicaakaSatine: oh thanks des.. i wasn't arging cause of the link..
CurleyMR: Well I don't know if it works w/ AIM or if you have to have AOL maybe one of you may know, but what it is, is someone asks a question and then whoever thinks of the answer first makes a new room with the answer as the name of the ro
JessicaakaSatine: i was just on the board and McGregor's Wench thought I deleted her post
CurleyMR: *room
JessicaakaSatine: I just moved it..
CurleyMR: the first person there asks the next question
EwansDestyne: Wait, here is a better one. Hold on a sec.
CrazyMRFan: i'm confused
: thank you for that pic.. of Doctor McGregor!
CrazyMRFan: make a new room?
: what
CurleyMR: yeah like, say the question was who played Christian in MR (it's Moulin Rouge tag) and the answer is Ewan McGregor so everyone hurries to go the the Ewan McGregor chat
CurleyMR: hmmm it's kinda hard to explain I can't think of the right words
JessicaakaSatine: too much work
CurleyMR: ha ha ha, there's too few ppl anyway
CrazyMRFan: yeah, plus i'm tired and it's 12:40 am
: i dont' like to freak out the newbies
CrazyMRFan: haha where'd that come from jess?
: yeah that was a little ramdom
JessicaakaSatine: oh McGregor's Wench thinks I deleted her post..
CrazyMRFan: lovely name, i say
: oh Yes
JessicaakaSatine: i like it a lot
JessicaakaSatine: i wouldn't mind if it were mine lol
CrazyMRFan: haha
: That sounds like a fun thing to do for the next chat Jessica
CrazyMRFan: haha my mom thinks we're a cult
EwansDestyne: hehehe
CrazyMRFan: haha yeah but she thinks its an evil one
: lol
: you're mom is nuts
JessicaakaSatine: your
JessicaakaSatine: damit
JessicaakaSatine: dammit
JessicaakaSatine: i can't spell
CurleyMR: ha ha ha
JessicaakaSatine: serena was just on the board, but she didn't get on aim.. how dare she
Jenn97513 has entered the room.
EwansDestyne has left the room.
JessicaakaSatine: wb jenn
JessicaakaSatine: where'd destyne go?
Jenn97513: hello
: sup
CrazyMRFan: who knows
: hey jenn
: did anyone ever find that article?
: lol
CrazyMRFan: haha
: I had to ask.
: i went down in my room and transcibed the stuff about absinthe
CrazyMRFan: meh
: lol
JessicaakaSatine: meh
Jenn97513: meh?
: i think my brain is going to explode
CurleyMR: yes Meh, yes
JessicaakaSatine: "meh' what nicole say=s
JessicaakaSatine: says
JessicaakaSatine: its kinda a gaspy sound
Jenn97513: o. ok
: no, i just say meh anyway
: i wish i had far and away on tape or something
JessicaakaSatine: i really have an urge to watch it.
CurleyMR: I've never seen it but I want to
JessicaakaSatine: "moulin rouge" and "batman forever" are the only nicole movies i have
JessicaakaSatine: it's really good
JessicaakaSatine: i used to watch it all the time when i was a kid
CrazyMRFan: i saw batman forver.. long time ago...
: what is it about?
: yeah, those are the only 2 i saw too, jess
: oh and the peacemaker
: and malice
: and far and away..... lol ok so those AREN'T the only 2
: yeah i rented a few of hers awhile back.
EwansDestyne has entered the room.
CrazyMRFan: welcome back des
: far and away is set in ireland, and it's bassically a love story
Jenn97513: I've seen The peacemaker, Practical Magic and The others
: Thanks.
JessicaakaSatine: well at first anyway
CrazyMRFan: oh yeah! practical magic!
: then it goes to america and the oregon trail
EwansDestyne: Stupid comp froze and kicked me out
CrazyMRFan: grr comps. suck sometimes
: So anyway, before I was so rudely kicked off, I was going to send you this thingie Jessica for your belated birthday.Happy happy birthday baby.
CurleyMR: Batman, To Die For, Prac Mag, The Others, B-day Girl, and MR. Wow now that I think of it I've seen quite a few, Oh and freaky weird Eyes Wide Shut
JessicaakaSatine: i've seen "practical magic," "dead calm," "malice," "my life," "far and away," "batman forever," "moulin rouge," "portrait of a lady," and "eyes wide shut"
JessicaakaSatine: oh and "the others
CrazyMRFan: hahahahaha
: i didn't care much for eyes wide shut.. oh and i saw 'to die for"
JessicaakaSatine: i reccomend "dead calm" and "far and away"
CurleyMR: what's DC about?
EwansDestyne: I've seen Far and Away, Practical Magic and part of Eyes Wide Shut
JessicaakaSatine: i say avoide "eyes wide shut" and "portait of a lady" like the black plauge unless you like Christian Bale
EwansDestyne: Wasn't Christian Bale also in VG? So he has links to Ewan and Nic
CrazyMRFan: wowswers
: Dead Calm is set on the ocean. Nicole and her husband are traveling as therepy for her, she was in a rainy accident, driving and her daughter was killed
JessicaakaSatine: yes
JessicaakaSatine: and they meet Billy Zane out on the waves
CurleyMR: yeah the roporter guy
JessicaakaSatine: and he's very yummy, i might add
CurleyMR: Oooo kewl
EwansDestyne: Who, Billy Zane?
CurleyMR: I'll have to check that out
JessicaakaSatine: yeah he was a suitor for Nicole's step daughter in Portait of a Lady
CurleyMR: from Titanic
JessicaakaSatine: yes this is YOUNG billy zane..
EwansDestyne: I like him
JessicaakaSatine: he's so very delish
CrazyMRFan: dont u have a titanic site, des?!?!?!?
: did you see him at teh LA premiere of SW? He had oranges
JessicaakaSatine: i mean bale is the suitor in Portrait
EwansDestyne: AHH! **Gets out fork to prepare to feast on delish young men.*** That didn't sound good.
JessicaakaSatine: yes he did
JessicaakaSatine: he was on Boston Public last season
CrazyMRFan: right
: YES I do, crazy
JessicaakaSatine: had a shower scene with 7 of 9
CrazyMRFan: ??
: was he? I don't watch that even though I live by boston and my mom teaches in Boston but middle school not high school
EwansDestyne: More shameless website promotion.
CurleyMR: ha ha ha Voyager
CrazyMRFan: hahaha
: me 2:
: lol 7 of 9 from star treck, is now on boston public and she and billy zane have an on again off again relationship
JessicaakaSatine: omg
CrazyMRFan: The Sparkling Diamond (Soon with new layout)
JessicaakaSatine: I LOVE THE gift DES
CurleyMR: I liked the Dr. from voyager teh best. He needs to be in a show now or something
EwansDestyne: THanks, Jessica
Jenn97513: ok, well I'm going, now....for real.
: hey i feel like a porno director here
JessicaakaSatine: oh bye Jen!
Jenn97513: Bye
has left the room.
EwansDestyne: Bye honey
EwansDestyne: opps
JessicaakaSatine: there's somethign seedy about watching Ewan undress.. he's got this look on his face
JessicaakaSatine: he's so vunerable.. i must take advantage of him
CrazyMRFan: bye!
: Hey, did anyoen else hear the quote from Nic about rolling around on the floor with different co-stars and saying "Big Boy" and Baz came back with "Now I look like a porn film maker."
JessicaakaSatine: lol
JessicaakaSatine: no i don't think so
CrazyMRFan: oh yeah! i heard that one!
: where is that from?
EwansDestyne: It was from the Directors Guild Awards
CrazyMRFan: yeah when nic was presenting something to baz, wasn't it?
: ha ha ha
EwansDestyne: Yea
EwansDestyne: It was funny. I wish I could find the exact quote
JessicaakaSatine: i'll have to find it
JessicaakaSatine: maybe on nko
CrazyMRFan: yeah i know she said something about un-doing their pants to or something lol
: And how Ewan got the part cause he was the biggest boy
EwansDestyne: =-O
CrazyMRFan: haah oh yeah
: the green fairy's on the radio here
: Where's here?
CrazyMRFan: Newfoundland... I'm the Newf, remember?
: lol
: Oh, yea, sorry.
JessicaakaSatine: i've got this no doubt song stuck in my head
EwansDestyne: Too many things to remember
CrazyMRFan: that's ok
: which one jess?
: "come on and get the lighter, we're gonna start the fire.."
CrazyMRFan: is that old?
: it's new, on "ROCK STEADY"
CrazyMRFan: oh ok... i like their new single... hella good :-D ;-)
JessicaakaSatine: the album that has "hella good" and "hey baby"
CurleyMR: ND isn't as good as it used to be
JessicaakaSatine: yeah it's HELLA good ;-)
CrazyMRFan: haha
: i disagree
CrazyMRFan: yeah i love don't speak
: i think this is way better than their older stuff
JessicaakaSatine: it's easier to dance to
CrazyMRFan: and sunday morning
: i think Gwen was greatly influenced by her collabo with Moby
CurleyMR: really, well I listen to commercial and mouvie music mostly so what do I know...
JessicaakaSatine: lol
JessicaakaSatine: i'm not saying that you're wrong.. just that i disagree
CrazyMRFan: lol all my fave cd's are soundtracks, why is that?
: Well, I found the pictures from the Details in May 2001, but can't find the article
JessicaakaSatine: lol
JessicaakaSatine: i have a ton of soundtracks
CurleyMR: they can be so eclectic, thats what I love about them, thats why I love commercial music as well bc it can be quite random and unheard of but great
CrazyMRFan: MR 1&2 and Spidey are my faves right now
: I liked SW more than Spiderman
EwansDestyne: But I did like Spiderman
CrazyMRFan: i didn't see star wars... i haven't seen a SW movie yet!
: *don't yell at me*
: I just found out I'll die when I'm 68, that sucks
EwansDestyne: Really, You haven't seen SW yet?
EwansDestyne: WOW! You may be the only person.
CrazyMRFan: nope, not even the old ones
: hehehe, just kidding
JessicaakaSatine: you really should see this second one
JessicaakaSatine: even if you don't get the story.. you get..
CrazyMRFan: actually, i saw most of the first one ever
: wet ewan
JessicaakaSatine: bound ewan
JessicaakaSatine: jumping ewan
EwansDestyne: LOL
CrazyMRFan: ooo.... great reasons to see it!
: he's bound like 3 times in the move
JessicaakaSatine: movie
EwansDestyne: Ewan playing with his lightsaber
JessicaakaSatine: it's so worth it..
CurleyMR: oh yes, SW II has many fab Ewan moments
JessicaakaSatine: yeah mmmm
CrazyMRFan: haha @ des
: i am laughing way too loudly
JessicaakaSatine: somebody will wake up lol
CrazyMRFan: hahahaha
: Hey has anyone heard of the London Magazine? BC Ewans on the cover in his Blunt shirt and I really want it
EwansDestyne: Another pic of Ewan Sharing pictures of Ewan, that's what it's all about.
CrazyMRFan: definitely
: I've never seen that one before... hm nice
EwansDestyne: Only now I have the Hokey Pokey song in my head. That's what it's all about.
CrazyMRFan: neither... and ditto
: i'm trying to figure out this quote you mentioned des
JessicaakaSatine: oh that blunt pic, there's a poster on ebay of it
EwansDestyne: Oh, the quote from DG Awards, Jessica?
EwansDestyne: Let me know if you do find it.
CrazyMRFan: lovely quote
: oh yeah it's on my door to my room right now, I'm looking at it at this very moment
CurleyMR: The London Mag pic
CurleyMR: that is the one I want
CrazyMRFan: ahhh i can't see the pic
: What is it with you people? Now I want Pizza again! It's just got to be the chat room.
CrazyMRFan: i had pizz earlier
: *pizza
: haha pizz...
: "Absinthe makes the tart grow fonder"-Oscar Wilde
EwansDestyne: Another one. Couldn't the camera just go a little lower?
CurleyMR: try here it's the top pic, click on it
CrazyMRFan: haha funny oscar quote
: ah.... the beatles....
: Or You could change the words on the quote and it could say, "Absinthe makes the fart tow gronder." Sorry. It's late here, I"m just getting silly
EwansDestyne: The Beatles. I love the Beatles WHERE?
JessicaakaSatine: he he i found this though
JessicaakaSatine: e.php?uid=114
JessicaakaSatine: about anthony hopkins and nic getting it on
CrazyMRFan: sorry des, radio again
: k, I was wrong it's not the top pic. Scroll down to 6/13 "added the London Magazine"
EwansDestyne: Is team nicole back up?
EwansDestyne: Must be
CurleyMR: Ooo thats goor bc they have beautiful pics of Nic
JessicaakaSatine: yeah somebody sent me a link, it moved
CrazyMRFan: hmm
: well, guys, i'm gone to beddy bye. it's 1:21am here...
: night night!
CrazyMRFan: cya later!
: be sure ot save the chat for us all!
: Night honey'
CrazyMRFan: bye guys!
: g'night
JessicaakaSatine: baz says: ""I met her 10 years ago when I was guest editor of Vogue. I shot her and Tom for a piece celebrating old movie stars. "
CrazyMRFan has left the room.
JessicaakaSatine: "She chose to be Lucille Ball. She struck me as this incredible firecracker - funny, really like electricity. A bit out of control."
JessicaakaSatine: that's not it though.. lol
You have just entered room "Chat No 19845268901825335392."
JessicaakaSatine: hi again
JessicaakaSatine: ok what did i miss?
EwansDestyne: Nuttin babe
CurleyMR: Ooo I dunno if you'll ever be able to forgive yourself for leaving, so much went on
EwansDestyne: LOL
EwansDestyne: JessicaakaSatine: that's not it though.. lolJessicaakaSatine has left the room.JessicaakaSatine has entered the room.JessicaakaSatine: hi again
JessicaakaSatine: LMAO
EwansDestyne: Hhehehe
: that's the extent of it.
: We can't live without you Jessica
: ohmigod i only have one 2 liter of soda left
JessicaakaSatine: yeah.. i am so loved
JessicaakaSatine: "I'm so happy I could DIE"
JessicaakaSatine: lol
CurleyMR: ha haha
EwansDestyne: didn't Kate post this in a Ewanessay? Ewan with his cock
JessicaakaSatine: yeah
JessicaakaSatine: she said he was stroking it
EwansDestyne: hehehe
EwansDestyne: LMAO
JessicaakaSatine: kate is always good for a great laugh
EwansDestyne: Okay, i've never seen this one before What's the deal with these two, I'm starting to think something must be up.
CurleyMR: here's that rooster again
EwansDestyne: Oh, Destyne, I'm so lost without you.
JessicaakaSatine: very cool pic des
EwansDestyne: LOL, Curley, where did you find that
JessicaakaSatine: LMAO @ rooster
JessicaakaSatine: i have to save that one
CurleyMR: this great site called Monkey child. Look around the rest of the site it's wicked funny
JessicaakaSatine: that would make a great t-shirt
CurleyMR: oh you can't hold on let me get a link
JessicaakaSatine: on the back it could say "Celibate Obi-Wan attacked by Giant Cock"
CurleyMR: monkey child
CurleyMR: ha haha
JessicaakaSatine: is this russian?:,13893,0,1, ml
JessicaakaSatine: des i love that phone pic you posted
EwansDestyne: Thank you.
EwansDestyne: See, he does love me.
EwansDestyne: LOL
CurleyMR: oh that pic of Jude and Ewan I have that on my screen saver but I had no idea where it came from the article was not on it
EwansDestyne: A pic of Nic I Love Nic in this pic, but again, just ignore the doofus standing next to her.
JessicaakaSatine: "very few animals were killed during the making of this website"
CurleyMR: yes, ha ha ha
EwansDestyne: hehehe
EwansDestyne: This is hilarious
JessicaakaSatine: Queen Armadillo of the Naboo
CurleyMR: yeah the site is great but it's not updated too often
JessicaakaSatine: computer thinking too hard
EwansDestyne: I have a super hilarious picture from that site at the link above, but I can't get to it. GRRR!
JessicaakaSatine: nic is very pretty there
JessicaakaSatine: she looks so happy
CurleyMR: FILMS IN WHICH EE-WAN IS NEKKID: The Pillow Book - Has clothes on at one point
EwansDestyne: hehehe, TPB he is naked more often than he's not.
JessicaakaSatine: =-Oahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh
EwansDestyne: WAHOO! NAKED EWANNN!!!
JessicaakaSatine: First, the road to Oscar® narrowed on March 9th at the Director's Guild Awards, but it was an X- rated speech from star Nicole Kidman about her Moulin Rouge audition that stole the show.
EwansDestyne: YOU FOUND IT
EwansDestyne: Where????
JessicaakaSatine: "So I had to audition with every young hot male actor in Hollywood. We were writhing around on a couch
CurleyMR: Lost of Ewan Nekid films
JessicaakaSatine: I would have to undo their belts and take down their pants and say dialogue like, 'Oh my, you are a big boy, aren't you?' Anyway, Ewan McGregor got the role so we know who the biggest boy is," joked Kidman in her speech.
JessicaakaSatine: Nicole was at the award show to introduce her DGA nominated director Baz Luhrmann, but the Best Director trophy actually went to Ron Howard for A Beautiful Mind.
CurleyMR: ha ha ha, I never heard that before
JessicaakaSatine: 0311_sag.asp
EwansDestyne: Thanks, hun. You're the best.
JessicaakaSatine: The Moulin Rouge star was still a bit embarrassed on the red carpet at the SAG awards. When Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell asked Nicole about the speech she said: "Oh no! Shush, shush… I'm in trouble."
JessicaakaSatine: nic is so cute
CurleyMR: by the by that link was *list not lost
JessicaakaSatine: the one i just sent?
CurleyMR: no mine above
EwansDestyne: I figured that, Curley.
JessicaakaSatine: oh yeah the funny one?
CurleyMR: dah ha ha
EwansDestyne: here Fido
JessicaakaSatine: ohmigod i have to find the transcript of her speech now lol
JessicaakaSatine: he look so sweet.. is that from cannes?
EwansDestyne: I don't know, I think so.
JessicaakaSatine: i'm going to send this to that quote site..
EwansDestyne: Are you into S&M?
JessicaakaSatine: the trout farm
EwansDestyne: Oh yea, they would probably love that
CurleyMR: *sigh* well I hurt because I climbed a tree yesterday so maybe some sleep will help so I guess I'm off to bed
EwansDestyne: I was acutally surprized they didn't have it there
JessicaakaSatine: i love the pic of her with the whip up in her face, it cracks me up
JessicaakaSatine: no pun intended
EwansDestyne: Okay, nightie night sweetie
JessicaakaSatine: night night baby girl
JessicaakaSatine: ;-)
CurleyMR: g'night
CurleyMR: Ta!
CurleyMR has left the room.
JessicaakaSatine: and then there were two
EwansDestyne: LOL
JessicaakaSatine: i dont' supposed kate will be back later
EwansDestyne: I just wrote that
EwansDestyne: Probably not.
JessicaakaSatine: i AM psychic
EwansDestyne: hehehe
EwansDestyne: just because I'm psyco doesn't mean I'm psycic
anamericanepic has entered the room.
anamericanepic: hello all
JessicaakaSatine: welcome back!
notesRAAC has entered the room.
EwansDestyne: Hey
JessicaakaSatine: des i know that lol
notesRAAC: Hiya
JessicaakaSatine: i just noticed they were online
EwansDestyne: LOL @ Jessica
EwansDestyne: Hey welcome
JessicaakaSatine: ha ha serena just got on
EwansDestyne: SERENA
tellAstory04 has entered the room.
tellAstory04: YAY!
EwansDestyne: Let her in
EwansDestyne: HI SERENA
tellAstory04: hi there
JessicaakaSatine: everyone left the room, and then everyone else gets online lol
JessicaakaSatine: hey lady
anamericanepic: sup
EwansDestyne: Lol
tellAstory04: how many people were here??
JessicaakaSatine: you missed kate and everything, but all will be revealed when i post the transcript
JessicaakaSatine: like the fun of ewan blowup dolls
JessicaakaSatine: and cardboard cut outs
tellAstory04: aw yay haha
JessicaakaSatine: lol
tellAstory04: wow...
JessicaakaSatine: and how practically everyone's mom thinks we're a cult
tellAstory04: YES!
tellAstory04: it's so true.
JessicaakaSatine: and this: 0311_sag.asp
EwansDestyne: LOL
JessicaakaSatine: lol
tellAstory04: it's sad, my dad was asking me today if I knew how much I'd love MR the first time I saw it
JessicaakaSatine: really?
JessicaakaSatine: what did you say?
EwansDestyne: My hubby just asked how much longer we were going to be and when I said I don't know he said, "they really are a cult."
JessicaakaSatine: i was blown awa when is aw it.. i couldn't speak
tellAstory04: I said, I'm not sure..because I'm not! I really have trouble remembering my first time seeing it
JessicaakaSatine: lmao
JessicaakaSatine: i had to ask everyone what they thought of it because i was bursting about it, but i couldn't speak i was so blown away
JessicaakaSatine: i just couldn't find the words
tellAstory04: oh my gosh, I have to tell you people about this amusement park I just was at. it was w/ my dad, his gf, and her nephew. I was bored for a lot of it, simply because of who I was with.
tellAstory04: but EVERYTHING reminded me of MR!!
JessicaakaSatine: andrea said she liked it a lot and she was gushing about ewan.. then i got the website idea in my head
JessicaakaSatine: yay!
EwansDestyne: What ever happend to Andrea?
EwansDestyne: HAHAHA! Now my hubby is watching BIG
JessicaakaSatine: hey serena, my friend Nora lives right by you, but she's going to be out of town on the 13th! in chicago of all places
JessicaakaSatine: she isn't commited to the project
tellAstory04: NO! you're kidding
JessicaakaSatine: i said "i won't do it by myself, because websites are hard work"
EwansDestyne: Well, Poop on her!!
JessicaakaSatine: so she said she'd do it with me..
JessicaakaSatine: and i got this whole design and i showed her the pics i drew of it...
JessicaakaSatine: and she seemed enthused, but not as enthused as me
EwansDestyne: This is the funniest thing ever!!! Here it is, I was looking for this. It's so funny.
tellAstory04: ok can I still chat if my away thingy's on?
JessicaakaSatine: and that was about that.. the only thing she did for the site was got me motivated to start it, and she wrote the MTV VMA review
JessicaakaSatine: i don't know
JessicaakaSatine: you can't get invites
tellAstory04: YES I can. now my friends can't bug me.
anamericanepic: i think ive found a new MR. its quite ironic really that the new film i have almost fallen in love with is MR also. but i still love MOULIN ROUGE
anamericanepic: as much as ever
JessicaakaSatine: LMAO @ des's pic
JessicaakaSatine: yeah yeah.. lol
tellAstory04: I love Moulin Rouge so much. like I said before, EVERYTHING at this park reminded me of MR. The lights on the rides just kept giving me flashes of 'sparkling diamonds' and the moon was SO pretty
JessicaakaSatine: leo looks like such a doofus
tellAstory04: there was all this antique stuff too...SIGH.
JessicaakaSatine: awww
JessicaakaSatine: it must have been fun
JessicaakaSatine: hey i found a swarfoski crystal store the other day
JessicaakaSatine: interestingly enough it was right across from Cartier!
tellAstory04: heehee yeah I half expected Satine to swing down and start singing
tellAstory04: hahaha Des that IS hilarious
JessicaakaSatine: and they had like bars on the window and an armed security guard in Cartier..
JessicaakaSatine: and in swarfoski .. it was so beautiful like a museum
JessicaakaSatine: i decided i have to buy a ring from S someday
tellAstory04: AH i see
tellAstory04: heehee
tellAstory04: JESS I'm so excited for the 13tg
EwansDestyne: I really want to go on that. :-(
tellAstory04: AWW
tellAstory04: 30 hours though
tellAstory04: that's quite a lot.
EwansDestyne: I know, that's a long drive
EwansDestyne: Hopefully I'll be working in a movie then too
HindiDiamond87 has entered the room.
anamericanepic has left the room.
JessicaakaSatine: i hope so!
tellAstory04: And Jess, I talked to 'DiamondDog776' on the phone who said she wanted to go, and guess how old she is?
EwansDestyne: Hinid, Hi honey
HindiDiamond87: hallo
JessicaakaSatine: young?
tellAstory04: she's going into 8th grade!
HindiDiamond87: i've been gone for a long time
JessicaakaSatine: awww.. i guess she can't make it lol
tellAstory04: but she wants to go, so I said I'd call her the week of.
JessicaakaSatine: well ok
JessicaakaSatine: where does she live?
tellAstory04: I asked her if she can get to the theatre and everything, and she said yes...
tellAstory04: st. paul
JessicaakaSatine: hmm
tellAstory04: not far at all
JessicaakaSatine: oh not too far then
JessicaakaSatine: is she going to stay overnight?
JessicaakaSatine: are her parents taking her?
JessicaakaSatine: too many questions
tellAstory04: haha AHHH
tellAstory04: um, no, and yes I think. I don't know who else would take her.
tellAstory04: if she goes, she'll just go to the movie.
tellAstory04: so I posted part 2 jess
tellAstory04: I'm going to check it out now
JessicaakaSatine: yeah i saw, you got one reply i think
tellAstory04: haha yay!:-)
JessicaakaSatine: i'm emailing the trout farm now :-)
tellAstory04: very nice
EwansDestyne: We're going to have to find another excuse to do this again. Anyone else on the board go a birthday coming up?
HindiDiamond87: not me
EwansDestyne: not me
tellAstory04: Did anyone watch MR this time?
EwansDestyne: No
tellAstory04: my b-day is on july 18th heehee
EwansDestyne: But my hubby watched Ever After
tellAstory04: but I got music man
EwansDestyne: We could do a chat for Serena's birthday
tellAstory04: heehee yeah right. Serena trivia!
EwansDestyne: hhehehe
EwansDestyne: it's not a bad idea
EwansDestyne: can't you just hear him say that
tellAstory04: YES, and with that picture...perfect
tellAstory04: haha
tellAstory04: oh the accent...
EwansDestyne: Elegance I don't need Tom's money
tellAstory04: hahaha
tellAstory04: hey, Des where in NC do you live?
EwansDestyne: opps, wrong one
EwansDestyne: Wilmington
tellAstory04: ah ok
tellAstory04: is that anywhere near charlotte?
EwansDestyne: Nopers. About four hours from Charlotte
EwansDestyne: Different ends of the state
tellAstory04: Wow, ok. so you near MC?
tellAstory04: Mariclaire heehee
EwansDestyne: Not really. MC is in Charlotte
EwansDestyne: Or that area
EwansDestyne: I was up there last week on vacation
EwansDestyne: But didn't see MC
tellAstory04: really?? oh ok. well, I might go to NC with my mother sometime in the next year, so we'll let you know heehee:-)
EwansDestyne: Cool.
EwansDestyne: Wilmington is the best place cause we're right on the beach
tellAstory04: oooh wonderful
EwansDestyne: Oh La La
EwansDestyne: if anyone is tired of me posting pictures, just tell me.
tellAstory04: heehee. I wanna read the whole convo...who saved it?
EwansDestyne: Jessica I think did
EwansDestyne: Nobody was here the whole time
EwansDestyne: We all got disconnected at some point
JessicaakaSatine: i did once, and then bam.. i was back
tellAstory04: ah ok
JessicaakaSatine: didn't miss a beat
tellAstory04: ah, so you do have some of it?
EwansDestyne: if you leave your drugs in the toilet, it's best just to let them go.
JessicaakaSatine: i rendered them all speachless.
JessicaakaSatine: i have the whole thing
tellAstory04: YES
tellAstory04: can I read?
JessicaakaSatine: i guess.. lol
tellAstory04: haha 'i guess' enthusiastic
EwansDestyne: Yea you do, Jessica
EwansDestyne: you only missed silence
tellAstory04: haha
tellAstory04: Moulin Rouge random QUESTION:
EwansDestyne: k shoot
tellAstory04: what is "Just in Love" from? People label it as from MR, but it isn't.
EwansDestyne: Ewan sang that
EwansDestyne: I don't know from where
EwansDestyne: I tried to dowload it once and I couldn't
EwansDestyne: Is it from ALLO?
JessicaakaSatine: its from the further something o little voice
JessicaakaSatine: "the further adventures of little voice" or something
tellAstory04: ah ok
JessicaakaSatine: it's like soundtrack #2
EwansDestyne: Oh, okay
tellAstory04: it's really good
JessicaakaSatine: you can probalby find it under Jan Horrocks
tellAstory04: he's so sweet in it...
JessicaakaSatine: Jane
JessicaakaSatine: it wasn't in the film.
EwansDestyne: We got to keep the markers away from Clara
tellAstory04: ah ok
tellAstory04: got it
HindiDiamond87: oh hello
EwansDestyne: Hi
JessicaakaSatine: temp home: antLoveMedley/
JessicaakaSatine: just click on that and then click on the file in there
EwansDestyne: Cool, Jessica
EwansDestyne: thanks
EwansDestyne: now I can see what I missed when my comp kicked me off
tellAstory04: ladeedadeeda
tellAstory04: wow I must be out of it.
EwansDestyne: Who the hell put this thing on my head?
HindiDiamond87: ok i keep leaving
HindiDiamond87: i am so busy
EwansDestyne: What are you busy doing?
tellAstory04: I'm trying to figure out a way to get money.
EwansDestyne: Thank you Serena, now I have "La de da de de la de da de da ...and the beat goes on." in my head.
EwansDestyne: You could become a cortesean like Satine. J/K
tellAstory04: haha yes
tellAstory04: that's me!
JessicaakaSatine: running as fast as we can.. do you think we'll make it?
EwansDestyne: ??? Jessica
tellAstory04: I wanted to burst into song when i saw all the lights on the rides at this reminded me of zidler saying 'electricity I love it"
JessicaakaSatine: No doubt
EwansDestyne: Oh, Ookay
JessicaakaSatine: that song "running" reminds me of bubble bobble
JessicaakaSatine: awww
JessicaakaSatine: lol
tellAstory04: aww haha
JessicaakaSatine: lmao @ meener chrome picture
JessicaakaSatine: what a fine fine look for our boy des
JessicaakaSatine: lol
HindiDiamond87: no
JessicaakaSatine: i think the best part in Serpent's Kiss is when he looses the wig and tears his shirt off..
JessicaakaSatine: YUMMY
tellAstory04: GAH i need to see that now.
JessicaakaSatine: lol
HindiDiamond87: no
tellAstory04: wow
tellAstory04: yum
HindiDiamond87: wait yeah
JessicaakaSatine: i think it's rated R, but I don't understand why
HindiDiamond87: me niether
HindiDiamond87: neither
HindiDiamond87: niether
tellAstory04: MEH
JessicaakaSatine: there's no cursing, no nudity (well not much).. there's just some sex scene that they IMPLY by things, but they don't show squat
EwansDestyne: I don't know why
HindiDiamond87: no wait it's neither
JessicaakaSatine: what are you talking about dahling?
EwansDestyne: I love that part too, where he runs around naked in the trees
EwansDestyne: and stuff
HindiDiamond87: he gets naked in one part doesn't she
JessicaakaSatine: hmmm
EwansDestyne: Yea, but you don't see anything
HindiDiamond87: lol i mean he
tellAstory04: NAKED Ahhhhh
EwansDestyne: It hardly counts
tellAstory04: haha
JessicaakaSatine: i'd love to clean his wounds
HindiDiamond87: i like that part
tellAstory04: LOL at Jess
JessicaakaSatine: it's not even lewd.. i do not get the MPAA
tellAstory04: they're a bunch of overprotective mothers
tellAstory04: like mine
JessicaakaSatine: that meener hat is so stupid though.. lol
HindiDiamond87: yeah
JessicaakaSatine: i couldn't believe he played a dutchman.. that cracked me up
HindiDiamond87: lol i thought it was funny when he tried to have a dutch accent
HindiDiamond87: it was pathetic
EwansDestyne: He does an American accent better than a Dutch one
HindiDiamond87: yeah
HindiDiamond87: i'll take them myshelf
JessicaakaSatine: i LOVE his american accent
JessicaakaSatine: it makes me drool constantly..
HindiDiamond87: i want to see nightwatch again
JessicaakaSatine: Nightwatch.. *drool* Black Hawk Down *drool*
HindiDiamond87: i want to see black hawk down
JessicaakaSatine: Now all I need is a movie where Ewan has a southern accent, and I will be his forever
EwansDestyne: Does he have an American Accent in BHD?
JessicaakaSatine: I didn't like BHD much, but the accent was enough to make it tolerable
JessicaakaSatine: yes
JessicaakaSatine: he's an American
JessicaakaSatine: Grimes is
tellAstory04: Jess, southern...*drrols*
HindiDiamond87: that would be weird
JessicaakaSatine: i was hoping he'd be southern in BHD.. no such luck
JessicaakaSatine: i'll bet you he has an AM. accent in Down with Love
JessicaakaSatine: *drool*
EwansDestyne: I don't think I will see BHD since Grimes is a child molester. I don't like that.
tellAstory04: THAT better be PG-13
HindiDiamond87: i saw a pic of him from young adam
JessicaakaSatine: lol
HindiDiamond87: he was dirty!
tellAstory04: haha ew
EwansDestyne: I posted one here on the chat
JessicaakaSatine: i kinda hope it's R Serena!
tellAstory04: haha jess, yeah for your sake
JessicaakaSatine: 8grrr*
HindiDiamond87: his teeth were so yellow!
EwansDestyne: I think it will be Jessica
tellAstory04: ok, how bout bordering R, but pg 13
HindiDiamond87: it scared me
JessicaakaSatine: i gotsta have my ewan in all his glory
JessicaakaSatine: yeah i could deal with that.. some nudity, brief strong language
JessicaakaSatine: maybe a butt-shot shower scene
JessicaakaSatine: i could deal with that
EwansDestyne: BITE ME!!! This is in honor of Kat who can't be here cause of some church thing
EwansDestyne: Kate I mean
JessicaakaSatine: a christening
HindiDiamond87: OH CRAP! NOOO
JessicaakaSatine: i gueess they're having brunch or something too, which is why she isn't back yet
tellAstory04: haha
JessicaakaSatine: awwwwww thanks des for the pic
HindiDiamond87: ok ok breathe
JessicaakaSatine: brian and curt forever! lol
HindiDiamond87: what? no curt ewwww
JessicaakaSatine: lol oh like you saw VG!
HindiDiamond87: i saw half of it
tellAstory04: what about Christian???????
tellAstory04: that's my baby
HindiDiamond87: yes christian
JessicaakaSatine: the naked half? is that why there's an EWW there?
HindiDiamond87: yes
JessicaakaSatine: LMAO
tellAstory04: "EWW" as in "EWWAAANNN"
HindiDiamond87: scarred me for life that movie did
JessicaakaSatine: you cannot just NOT like a Ewan character just because he gets naked
JessicaakaSatine: just close your eyes
CurleyMR has entered the room.
JessicaakaSatine: the accent(s) will do the rest ;-)
JessicaakaSatine: woo hoo
tellAstory04: hi!
HindiDiamond87: i just don't like curt, he scares me
JessicaakaSatine: wb
JessicaakaSatine: lol
JessicaakaSatine: I'd make wild monkey love with Curt.. lol
tellAstory04: wow that's nice.
JessicaakaSatine: 'cept my heart will always belong to Alex
JessicaakaSatine: right des? lol
CurleyMR: hi ya. I decided to watch Jamie Oliver the Naked Chef instead of going to bed. Goood thing otherwise I'd be asleep
JessicaakaSatine: he is so cute?
HindiDiamond87: i like christian the best dah
JessicaakaSatine: no ? there
JessicaakaSatine: too tired
JessicaakaSatine: i love it when he slides down the stairs to answer the door
HindiDiamond87: then i like obi-wan
HindiDiamond87: young obi
JessicaakaSatine: obi-wan is tasty
HindiDiamond87: yesss
JessicaakaSatine: i like the 2nd obi better though..but then.. i like older secure men
EwansDestyne: hehehe, Jessica, right.
JessicaakaSatine: plus the braid gets on my nerves
CurleyMR: yeah plus he had more character development
HindiDiamond87: i like the 2nd obi better than anakin though
JessicaakaSatine: that too
JessicaakaSatine: yeah
HindiDiamond87: yeah he talked more
JessicaakaSatine: i'd get with the hayden in Life is a House though..
JessicaakaSatine: even if he was immature and annoying
JessicaakaSatine: he had a golden heart
EwansDestyne: Guys I'm off to bed.
JessicaakaSatine: dessss
JessicaakaSatine: we'll miss ya!
EwansDestyne: Catch you all on the board.
CurleyMR: g'night
tellAstory04: bye DES!!
JessicaakaSatine: yes ma'am
EwansDestyne: ****KISSES*****
EwansDestyne has left the room.
HindiDiamond87: bye
JessicaakaSatine: kiss kiss
tellAstory04: nighty night
HindiDiamond87: oh too late
tellAstory04: aww heehe
tellAstory04: now everyone, start talking about her!!
tellAstory04: haha just joking
JessicaakaSatine: naked chef is very cool.. and no.. he isn't naked
JessicaakaSatine: cute serena
tellAstory04: she'll read that later, and be like 'that jerk'
JessicaakaSatine: so what do you guys really think of des? lol j/k
CurleyMR: yes, Jamie is like a cross between Ewan and Jude Law and he can cook, you gotta love that
tellAstory04: MMMMMm
tellAstory04: jude law
tellAstory04: AND ewan.
HindiDiamond87: erwan
JessicaakaSatine: i love Jude Law
CurleyMR: yeah me too
JessicaakaSatine: Jude and Ewan should do a movie togehter
JessicaakaSatine: and with Dougray too!
JessicaakaSatine: omigod.. and Baz could direct
JessicaakaSatine: the dream of a lifetime
JessicaakaSatine: they're all so dead sexy
tellAstory04: OOH YEAH! hey Jess, did ya happen to send that check?...:-\
CurleyMR: yeah they should I mean they lived to gether they own a film company together.. a movie seems only natural
JessicaakaSatine: yes ma'am
JessicaakaSatine: nylon
tellAstory04: just cause we gotta give in th ticket form thingy soon..thank you dahhling
HindiDiamond87: i just saw star wars
HindiDiamond87: episode 4
JessicaakaSatine: a new hope
JessicaakaSatine: what did you think?
HindiDiamond87: not that it has anything to do with what we are talking about
CurleyMR: Oh yeah? I haven't seen those in the longest time
HindiDiamond87: it was sweet
JessicaakaSatine: do you think luke and leia will get together? ;-)
CurleyMR: the old SW
CurleyMR: ha ha ha ewwwwww
HindiDiamond87: lol in this one part darth vader said "i'll take them myshelf"
tellAstory04: Ew! interesting Jess...
JessicaakaSatine: LMAO
tellAstory04: them Jedi, you never know...
HindiDiamond87: myshelf
JessicaakaSatine: well if you have only seen #4 or 5 then you just DON'T KNOW
HindiDiamond87: i've seen them all now
JessicaakaSatine: oh then you think i'm a gross perve too then
JessicaakaSatine: LMAO
HindiDiamond87: wat
HindiDiamond87: i am hyper
CurleyMR: yeah, I used to hate the old ones till I sat down and watched them all the way through
HindiDiamond87: ewan was the reason i got into star wars
JessicaakaSatine: i mean Luke want's his sister through the first 4th and 5th movies like nobody's business.. and then she kisses him in #6 and then she tells him she's his sister
JessicaakaSatine: i twas like... ewww
HindiDiamond87: lol yeah
JessicaakaSatine: and she want's him too.. and Han's so jealousy he could DIE
tellAstory04: haha wow
JessicaakaSatine: incest is creapy, i almost died when I was watching gladiator
HindiDiamond87: i saw twister today too it was funny
JessicaakaSatine: i never liked that movie
CurleyMR: eww yeah
SEXYReferee has entered the room.
HindiDiamond87: lol this one part the helen hunt woman was like "debris we got debris!" and then all the sudden the guy goes "DEBRIS?!!?!?!"
JessicaakaSatine: hi hi
CurleyMR: my roomate loves Russell so there was a lot of Gladiator and Beautiful mind stuff all over her walls
JessicaakaSatine: i liked the flying cow though
HindiDiamond87: lol yeah
SEXYReferee: g'day
JessicaakaSatine: i just was very creeped out with the incest scene with the sister and the emporer..
tellAstory04: remember when I was 'talking' to you Katie, and your roomate thought I was crazy or somethin..or that wasn't your roomate, was it?
JessicaakaSatine: i'll tellyou why everyone thinks you're an aussie.. you greet everyone with "g'day" stick a mate on that and you're done!
CurleyMR: I dunno, could have been
tellAstory04: haha
JessicaakaSatine: ;-)
JessicaakaSatine: come on baby get the lighter
CurleyMR: oh no that was a girl from down the hall
JessicaakaSatine: we're gonna start the fire
tellAstory04: ah ok
HindiDiamond87: a deer ran into the side of my car the other day while we were driving at 50 miles an hour
CurleyMR: same difference we were all so close they were interchangable
tellAstory04: i see
HindiDiamond87: it ran right into my window and i saw its face smashed against the window before the window smashed and the glass fell on me
SEXYReferee has left the room.
HindiDiamond87: i laughed
CurleyMR: really? Ooo I've never hit a deer or been hit by a deer yet although most of my friends have
HindiDiamond87: i think it was trying to jump over the car
CurleyMR: wow, I bet it thought it could fly
CurleyMR: but it's not christmas time.....
JessicaakaSatine: i feel like i'm drunk or something
HindiDiamond87: yeah not too bright
JessicaakaSatine: it's always the deer's fault isn't it?
HindiDiamond87: yes
tellAstory04 has left the room.
JessicaakaSatine: SEREEEEEEeeenaaaaaaaa
CurleyMR: yeah, and it's the squirrels fault as well, they're just suicidal
CurleyMR: where did she go?
HindiDiamond87: if our car had been 2 seconds slower than the deer probably would have crashed into the windsheild in the front and killed my dad and brother
CurleyMR: oh I see
JessicaakaSatine: i have a headache
CurleyMR: scary how things turn out sometimes eh?
HindiDiamond87: yes
HindiDiamond87: that would have really sucked if that happened
tellAstory04 has entered the room.
CurleyMR: yes, yes it would
HindiDiamond87: nod your head like this
HindiDiamond87: you are back
tellAstory04: yes, yes I a,
tellAstory04: AM
CurleyMR: I wish you love
JessicaakaSatine: i love that song
JessicaakaSatine: isn't that a song?
CurleyMR: I'm listening to it now
tellAstory04: what song?...who's it by?
CurleyMR: yeah from "Eye'
JessicaakaSatine: i was singing "Romance" in the mall the other day
CurleyMR: Natalie Cole
JessicaakaSatine: cause i passed the fragrance counter.. then i saw this guy and i started singing to him
JessicaakaSatine: but he just walked on by
JessicaakaSatine: he wasn't even cute.. lol
CurleyMR: ha ha
tellAstory04: aww heehee cuuute
JessicaakaSatine: "My romance.. doesn't have to have a mooooooooonn in the sky (unless it's moulin rouge)"
HindiDiamond87: lol
tellAstory04: haha yes so true
JessicaakaSatine: myyyyy roooomman ah ahannnce doesn't need no one, but you!
tellAstory04: I swear, I was in such a dreamy mood today...everything made me sigh...
CurleyMR: Silly Love song's was playing in CVS today, I only knew that little part and the timing is different in the ELM
CurleyMR: I sang anyway
HindiDiamond87: i heard "love lifts us up where we belong" in a restaurant a week ago
JessicaakaSatine: iiiii looooooovvveee youuuuu
CurleyMR: yeah thay play that in CVS almost everyday as well
tellAstory04: oh yeah, I know!! I heard 'your song' on the radio today, and I ended up singing harmony at 'anyway the thing is, what I really mean...yours are the sweetest eyes IIIII've ever seen'
HindiDiamond87: i started freaking out and people were staring at me
CurleyMR: and Something STupid played a few times
SEXYReferee has entered the room.
SEXYReferee: Its a little bit funny this feeling inside
CurleyMR: I'm not one of those who can..... who can easily hide
SEXYReferee: I just watched moulin rouge like.. 2 days ago.. It had been so long since I had time to sit down and watch it
HindiDiamond87: i'm not one of those who can easily hide
tellAstory04: i'm not one of those
tellAstory04: who can
tellAstory04: easily hide
JessicaakaSatine: i don't have much money
CurleyMR: is this ok? Is this what you want?
JessicaakaSatine: but if i did
SEXYReferee: Yes naughty words
tellAstory04: I'd buy a big house
JessicaakaSatine: i love naughty words
tellAstory04: where we both could live
SEXYReferee: where we both could live
HindiDiamond87: i'd buy a big house where we both could live
tellAstory04: if I was a sculptor
tellAstory04: but then again no
JessicaakaSatine: if i were a sculpter..
HindiDiamond87: curses
JessicaakaSatine: but then again no
JessicaakaSatine: or man
HindiDiamond87: or a man who makes potions in a travelling show
SEXYReferee: I hope you dont mind, I hope you dont mind.. that I put down in wors.. how wonderful life is.. now your in... the world
JessicaakaSatine: who makes potions
JessicaakaSatine: in a traveling show
CurleyMR: I know it's not much
tellAstory04: but it's the best I can do
CurleyMR: but it's the best I can do
SEXYReferee: I love that movie way too much for my own good
tellAstory04: MY GIFT IS MY SONG........
HindiDiamond87: my goft is my song! and this one's for you
tellAstory04: (lights up paris....)
HindiDiamond87: lol oops gift*
CurleyMR: Don't we all?
tellAstory04: and you can tell everybody
tellAstory04: that this is your song
SEXYReferee: hehe I only need two more posters and I will have the set.. unfortunetly the two I want have been discontiuned
tellAstory04: it may be quite simple but
tellAstory04: now that it's done
tellAstory04: (take it girls)
JessicaakaSatine: you mean the posters for MR?
CurleyMR: I hope you don't mind
SEXYReferee: Ya
HindiDiamond87: i hope you don't mind
tellAstory04: hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind...that I put down in words.......
CurleyMR: how wonderful life is
tellAstory04: how wonderful life you're in the world.
CurleyMR: Sat on the roof, and I kicked off the moss. Well some of these verses well they, they got me quite cross
HindiDiamond87: blah blah blah
JessicaakaSatine: i just want the red UK one and the international one from taiwan
tellAstory04: anyway the thing is
tellAstory04: what I really mean is
CurleyMR: what I really mean
SEXYReferee: I have Beauty, The original, the dvd and a beautifully restored Freedom poster
HindiDiamond87: your are the sweetest eyes i've ever seeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!
CurleyMR: I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!
JessicaakaSatine: i have the american doublesided truth beauty freedom love, one theater regular poster, one non-theater regular poster...
JessicaakaSatine: how did you get it "restored"
tellAstory04: (what happened to you see I've forgotten if they're green or their blue)
JessicaakaSatine: and there was this one that i really wanted from a bloomies display but i couldn't get it.
HindiDiamond87: i don't have any posters cuz i have no room on my walls
SEXYReferee: DUDE! I found the freedom poster in a DUMPSTER and I worked on it for 2 months fixing it and adding the colors in where there tears and stuff
JessicaakaSatine: i don't either, but that doesn't stop me.
JessicaakaSatine: oh wow!
tellAstory04: I have one. the regular 'standard' one. windmill, kissing, 'moulin rouge'...
JessicaakaSatine: i have all the mini us posters, and a giant sized loved (single sided)
tellAstory04: LOVE
tellAstory04: I'm in love with lvoe
CurleyMR: yeah I have that and the DVD poster and the small freedom poster
SEXYReferee: I need Love and Truth
SEXYReferee: I want truth so bad
HindiDiamond87: i finally bought the 2nd soundtrack
JessicaakaSatine: truth is the hardest to get
tellAstory04: I want LOVE...the real thing..
SEXYReferee: I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the second soundtrack
HindiDiamond87: yes truth has christian
JessicaakaSatine: if you get it as a single all the ewan fans come out of the woodwork
SEXYReferee: <-- Ewan fan since the pillowbook
SEXYReferee: NORA is out on video.. I am so gonna get that
JessicaakaSatine: i think the best thing I got was the book in the red box, and then i have a silver flask with the MR insignia coming in the mail soon.. i'm going to die when I get it. you all better say your farewells now
CurleyMR: yeah I was thinking baout getting that
JessicaakaSatine: pillowbook would make anybody a fan
tellAstory04: haha
SEXYReferee: lol I too have the moulin rouge bible...
tellAstory04: you're making me jealous......
JessicaakaSatine: nora was ok.. didn't see it in theaters though
SEXYReferee: I want the lighter with the green fairy on it
CurleyMR: oh yes and I as well
JessicaakaSatine: yes the bible!
HindiDiamond87: i haven't seen it yet, me and my friend plan to see it in about 2 years
JessicaakaSatine: i have the us and the aussie version
JessicaakaSatine: both hardcover
CurleyMR: yeah yeah, and the one w/ Moulin Rouge on it too
SEXYReferee: sweet dude
JessicaakaSatine: i spent a fortune on the book in the red box.. like over 120
JessicaakaSatine: now it's going for like 60
CurleyMR: wow
CurleyMR: how different is it from the other book
SEXYReferee: lol... I dont have many moulin rouge things but I hope to
CurleyMR: ?
JessicaakaSatine: makes me want to vomit.. and i'm thinking if i get a job soon i'll buy another one
HindiDiamond87: i watched titanic the other day
JessicaakaSatine: it's got more pages, there's this one of christian, well if i can fix my scanner i'll copy it
JessicaakaSatine: i've got a genuine relic from the film, a silver waiter tray
CurleyMR: Oooo it has the open uo red dress right?
CurleyMR: *up
JessicaakaSatine: and what i was told was a spoon and glass (absinthe) was used in the film
SEXYReferee: My scanner is the best
JessicaakaSatine: my scanner chord is MIA
CurleyMR: WOW Really?
HindiDiamond87: my scanner sucks ass
CurleyMR: yeah mine does too
JessicaakaSatine: yeah but the guy lost the coa.. whatever that means
HindiDiamond87: actually i never use it so i wouldn't know
CurleyMR: ah certificate of authenticity
SEXYReferee: I will be back in a few mins.. i need to eat something.. i just got home from rehearsal for a musical I am in
tellAstory04: Jess, on Sunday the 14th, we are going to Holly's house to watch Ewan movies!!!
CurleyMR: Did you guys all hear that La Boheme won't be in NY till December?
CurleyMR: suckie
JessicaakaSatine: we are?
tellAstory04: we better haha
JessicaakaSatine: i thoguht we were going shopping
HindiDiamond87: <---confused
JessicaakaSatine: well i may have to stay two nights then
tellAstory04: that too
tellAstory04: haha
tellAstory04: oh really? wait, you're coming sat. or fri.?
JessicaakaSatine: saturday
JessicaakaSatine: i'll arrive on saturday
tellAstory04: I see. you were planning on going back sunday night? well, we can go shopping at like noon ish, and we won't spend more than like 4 HOURS at the big old mall of america, and then we could go to holly's afterwards...
JessicaakaSatine: i'll probably leave at midnight.. and get there around 1 maybe 2
JessicaakaSatine: check into the hotel.. take a nap
JessicaakaSatine: go to your house for dinner and the play
JessicaakaSatine: take another nap.. maybe... then go see mr
tellAstory04: haha awww
tellAstory04: I'm sorry you'll be all tired
JessicaakaSatine: i think i'll be ok
tellAstory04: you could sleep ALL day saturday darlin', and then come to my hour at like 5:30 ish even. we'll understand
CurleyMR: *sigh* now I must really go to sleep it's like, -=checks out clock=- 2 am here so I better go to bed so I can be refreshed for work tomorrow. Talk to you guys later.
tellAstory04: oy, well ok
tellAstory04: gnight!!
CurleyMR: g'night
CurleyMR: Ta!
tellAstory04: sleep until midnight on friday, so you'll be refreshed.
tellAstory04: byE!
CurleyMR has left the room.
JessicaakaSatine: oh i so didn't say goodbye
JessicaakaSatine: i suck butt
tellAstory04: it's ok
tellAstory04: haha
HindiDiamond87: what
HindiDiamond87: whoa
JessicaakaSatine: ha ha.. the promo score is already above 100 bucks now on ebay
tellAstory04: WOW
tellAstory04: Well, I got all them songs on my ultra super lond cd.
JessicaakaSatine: it sold for 600 the first time it was on
tellAstory04: geez...
JessicaakaSatine: look what i won the other day on ebay: m&item=1543995130
tellAstory04: ooh yay
tellAstory04: red curtaaaain
HindiDiamond87: sweet
tellAstory04: TWO BUCKS???
JessicaakaSatine: yeah
JessicaakaSatine: it's not the trilogy
tellAstory04: what a deal
JessicaakaSatine: it's just the press kit
tellAstory04: ohh ok
tellAstory04: what is it?
HindiDiamond87: whoa my cousin just passed out on the floor
tellAstory04: what??
JessicaakaSatine: it's what distributors give stores to let them know about upcoming projects
JessicaakaSatine: why?
HindiDiamond87: wait he moved
tellAstory04: oh my baz
tellAstory04: how old is he?
JessicaakaSatine: look at this prop going on souterbys for 115: l?ViewItem&item=1837774481
JessicaakaSatine: i wonder if it was on satine's table
HindiDiamond87: 11
HindiDiamond87: hmmm..
tellAstory04: ooh perhaps
JessicaakaSatine: here are the same silver tray that I won.. 1 and 2
JessicaakaSatine: at southerbys
JessicaakaSatine: my rear is going numb
Bohemianchick2 has entered the room.
SEXYReferee: Yay food.. stomach is happy
JessicaakaSatine: hi!
Bohemianchick2: My goodness you are still chatting?
JessicaakaSatine: aren't we a crazy bunch?
HindiDiamond87: pood?
JessicaakaSatine: des left a half hour ago, she's been here since the beginning
Bohemianchick2: What have I missed in the last 6 hours?
JessicaakaSatine: she said food lol
HindiDiamond87: yes pood
JessicaakaSatine: you can read it all when i post it.. lol
Bohemianchick2: Excellent!
HindiDiamond87: wow this has been going on that long?
JessicaakaSatine: yeah way too long for me it's 1 am
JessicaakaSatine: i'm going to go crazy
Bohemianchick2: You haven't already? lol
notesRAAC: Haven't talked here... I was doing something. Anyway, the hotel across the lagoon from us (I'm on vacation) has a windmill that has white lights lining its blades.
tellAstory04: I better go
tellAstory04: I'm exhausted
SEXYReferee: PHAT*
tellAstory04: I'll talk to you bohos later ok?
SEXYReferee: g'night tellAstory
notesRAAC: And there's a model of an elephant similar to the one in MR in the lobby.
SEXYReferee: sweetness dude
JessicaakaSatine: night serena
tellAstory04: gnight everyone!!
tellAstory04 has left the room.
JessicaakaSatine: that is so cool
HindiDiamond87: oh bye
HindiDiamond87: oh too late again
JessicaakaSatine: before she went off line, serena wanted me to tell you all that the TRUTH poster is on ebay right now for like 11 bucks
Bohemianchick2: Where are you notesRAAC? Sorry, I don't know your real name!!
HindiDiamond87: i'm teepy
JessicaakaSatine: introductions!
JessicaakaSatine: <------Jessica
SEXYReferee: Dont tell them its there because I WANT THAT POSTER hehehee
HindiDiamond87: <-----crystal aka chiome aka hindi
notesRAAC: There's a Star Wars store here at the Disney MGM Studios theme park that has like a 10 foot tall Ewan head from TPM
notesRAAC: I'm at Disney World right now.
JessicaakaSatine: i already did
JessicaakaSatine: lol sorry
HindiDiamond87: oh sweet
SEXYReferee: <-- Amanda.. Some people call me Manda
JessicaakaSatine: i went there in 98
JessicaakaSatine: and way back as a babe
notesRAAC: I took a pic of it... HUGE blue eyes...,
Bohemianchick2: Hi, I'm Jess(ica) not to be confused with Jessica....
notesRAAC: let me upload it to my website account
JessicaakaSatine: *drool*
HindiDiamond87: :-$
JessicaakaSatine: tickets to teen choice awards this year: m&item=1361708664 moulin rouge is nominated you know
HindiDiamond87: yep
JessicaakaSatine: best drama/action adventure.. how lame is that?
notesRAAC: g
HindiDiamond87: it won't win :'(
HindiDiamond87: wow that obi head is sweet!
notesRAAC: Try being in front of it...
notesRAAC: I stood there for like 5 minutes just goggling at it.
notesRAAC: LOL
HindiDiamond87: lol
JessicaakaSatine: yeah it's up against spiderman and episode 2
notesRAAC: Hah... no chance at all.
SEXYReferee: *drool* he is hot
notesRAAC: They shouldn't have it in the same category... drama and action are two completely different things.
HindiDiamond87: yeah
SEXYReferee has left the room.
JessicaakaSatine: such a yummy giant obi
HindiDiamond87: why you do
notesRAAC: I bought a beach towel from there that has his AOTC self on it.
HindiDiamond87: oh cool
JessicaakaSatine: oh and you can lay on him.. mmmmm
JessicaakaSatine: lol
JessicaakaSatine: i lay on a giant manatee.. what does that say about me? lol
JessicaakaSatine: i also got that in florida though
notesRAAC: I have a big Obi cutout in my room that I can lay on if I want.. LOL
JessicaakaSatine: *drool*
JessicaakaSatine: i need me one of them
notesRAAC: I got it at Deck the Walls.
JessicaakaSatine: yeah you told me about that
JessicaakaSatine: at the bday chat or something
JessicaakaSatine: peak in sneak about, i'm gonna snoop and call you out. peak in sneak about now i'm your broken-hearted de-tec-tive
notesRAAC: Yeah
JessicaakaSatine: does anybody know how to save these chats?
JessicaakaSatine: cause i think i'm gonna save now, and then hit the sack
notesRAAC: File.... save.
JessicaakaSatine: yeah just email a link or the file to me, or you can post it on the board after i post the first, what 7 hours? lol
JessicaakaSatine: love you all!
JessicaakaSatine: m-oooo-ah